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Plays about US Marine Corps wanted

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Drama - The Bill Broyles Award is given for a distinguished play or screenplay by a playwright or screenwriter, dealing with U.S. Marine Corps heritage or Marine Corps life.

Submission requirements: Submission must include a brief synopsis of the work, as well as a copy of the play or screenplay.

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation awards program is now accepting submissions for 2015 awards. Each year, the Foundation presents a series of awards to both Marines and civilians, to recognize their exemplary work in advancing and preserving Marine Corps history. Individuals will be honored at the Foundation’s annual Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2015.

All winners receive a $1,000 cash prize, a medallion and a commemorative brick along the Semper Fidelis Memorial Park pathway at the Marine Corps Heritage Center.

Applicants may self-nominate or nominate another individual for his/her work. If the piece is selected for an award, the awards committee will contact the applicant for any additional information needed to get in touch with the author/creator of the original work.

Applicants who are nominating someone else´s work must indicate this in the overview that is part of each submission detailed below. Submissions must be submitted electronically in PDF form, by website URL (in the case of blogs/dispatch reporting) or mailed on a DVD. All video submissions should include three copies on DVD format, mailed in a case, along with the category for the submission and the applicant´s name and contact number. All parts of the submission including overview must be sent electronically or by mail together, rather than in multiple parts. Electronic submissions are preferred but the Foundation understands that not all submissions can be sent in electronic format.

The deadline for this year´s awards submissions is January 9, 2015.

Be sure to fill out the Awards Program Submission Form and include it with all submissions.

All award submissions must include the Awards Program Submission Form and should be sent to Susan Hodges at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.

Mail to: Susan Hodges
Vice President of Administration
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation
c/o Awards Program
3800 Fettler Park Drive, #104
Dumfries, VA 22025

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Thanks for the kind words

Thanks to Don Grimme for his kind words about the web site:

What a valuable resource for playwrights! All other clearinghouses for submission opportunities pale in comparison. 
For over two years now, you have kept me busy sending my plays to theatres in North America and the U.K. A few of my plays have been accepted for production and/or publication, but just the process of customizing and polishing my work for specific solicitations has been of immense benefit to me as relatively new playwright.
More information about Don's work at

10 By 10 in the Triangle An international festival of new 10-minute plays

web site

10 Plays! 10 Actors! 10 By 10!

Call for Submissions

January 5 - January 30 2015
The 10 very best plays submitted will showcase on The ArtsCenter's Main-Stage Theater July 10-26

The Submissions:
Please email new, original 10-minute plays with minimal set requirements to artscenterstage{at}artscenterlive{dot}org.
  • Plays that have had no prior productions or limited prior productions are preferred. 
  • Musical submissions with little or no accompaniment are accepted. 
  • Plays that have been published are not accepted. 
  • Monologues are not accepted. 

New Submission Request:
Starting this year, for 10 By 10, ArtsCenter Stage is interested in presenting thought-provoking plays that highlight current social, political, and ethical issues. Plays that are socially and/or culturally significant and that speak to the whole of society are our interest. We are seeking politically progressive plays that: look at social and/or economic problems and challenges; explore possibilities of social transformation; and, reflect the concerns and interests of communities or which explore the importance of community. We are also welcoming scripts that experiment with form and seek new ways of seeing and new ways of experiencing theatrical performance.

Submitted plays may be humorous or serious or any where in between.

Some thoughts to help determine whether your play falls within our parameters of consideration:

Play addresses issues that create barriers to social justice or dramatizes a social injustice:

• Supports life and dignity of the human person
• Influences attitudes of tolerance between and within racial groups
• Fosters new understanding and builds respect for cultural differences and identity
• Supports creative approaches to addressing issues of social justice/injustice
• Demonstrates the performing arts as a powerful tool and community resource for facilitating civic engagement and advancing social change
• Makes the audience bear witnesses to social injustice
• Inspires others to action against a social injustice
• Proposes solutions for social injustice
• Raises awareness of a little recognized social injustice or argues on behalf of an ignored human right

Playwrights may submit up to 2 scripts.

Submit one email for each script.
When submitting two scripts, two separate emails must be sent.
Do not zip the files.

Email Contents:
The subject line is the title of the play followed by the words 10 By 10 submission. (Example subject line: Fighting Mr. Right - 10 By 10 Submission).
The BODY of the email MUST include the title of the play and the playwright’s full contact information including playwright’s name, mailing address, phone(s), and email.
DO NOT attach contact information.
Attach script in standard format in Word or PDF with cast and set requirements.
There must be NO contact information on the script itself. Scripts that contain contact information will not be considered for submission.
Contact information found on a script will disqualify that play from consideration.
Submission Dates:
January 5, 2015- January 30, 2015
Plays will not be accepted before January 5, 2015.
Plays will not be accepted after January 30, 2015, 5:00PM EST.
We will notify the semi-finalists by email and will post those titles on our website.

We will notify the 10 finalists by email and will post those titles on our website.

We cannot respond to each individual playwright.

We will announce the final 10 plays by May 29, 2015.

The Award:
Playwrights receive an award of $100. Playwrights who attend our playwright gala on July 18, 2015 will also receive an additional $100 travel stipend.

The Space:
Our main-stage theatre is a 355-seat house with basic lighting and sound capabilities.

The Producer:
ArtsCenter Stage will provide directors, actors, designers, and technical crew for the festival. The directors will contact the playwrights at the beginning of the rehearsal process. For more information about The ArtsCenter, please visit our website: www{dot}artscenterlive{dot}org.

The Dates:
July 10-26, 2015, Fridays-Sundays, Playwright Gala Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Production:
The ten plays will be presented together as an evening of theatre. All ten shows run each night and are performed by an ensemble of five men and five women. Participating playwrights are invited to attend the Playwrights Gala on July 18, 2015 which includes an overnight stay at a local hotel.

If you have questions, please contact Jeri Lynn Schulke at artscenterstage{at}artscenterlive{dot}org

We’re looking forward to reading your work!

Jeri Lynn Schulke
Artistic Director
ArtsCenter Stage

Silverthorne Theater Company new play competition

web site

Silverthorne Theater Company is sponsoring a competition to select a new play to produce during its 2015 summer season. We are a professional summer theater organization whose mission is to bring excellence of performance to adventurous drama, staging the best of the theatrical repertoire while also promoting unheard voices and underserved populations.

Guidelines for submissions:

Submissions must be long enough to be considered full length plays. Running time should be in the 90 minute to 2 hour range.

Submissions may have previously been given staged readings and/or workshop productions, but they must not have been fully produced.

Plays may call for no more than eight (8) actors (doubling if needed.)

The selected play will be performed at the Sloan Theater at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA. It is a 90-seat house with raked seating; the thrust stage is on the floor with limited backstage space behind a rear curtain. It is appropriate for unit setting or minimal scene changes. Plays requiring elaborate sets and production elements are less likely to be selected.

Should none of the plays submitted meet the stated guidelines and be of substantial merit for full production, Silverthorne theater Company reserves the right not to name a winning play.

Competition schedule and procedures:

Submissions are due by 5 pm on January 30, 2015. The final selection will be announced on March 15, 2015.

All entries will be submitted online as attachments as either an MSWord document or as a PDF. There is a limit of two (2) submissions per playwright.

Entries should be submitted to:

Submissions will be judged anonymously by a panel of five readers. Entrants must include a cover page with name, name of submission, and contact information as a separate attachment; the body of the script should contain no information about the playwright.

The selected play will be performed eight (8) time as the third show of Silverthorne Theater Company's 2015 summer season.

The winning playwright will receive a per-show stipend of $80 for a total of $640.

The playwright retains all rights to the play, with the stipulation that if the play is published, Silverthorne Theater Company's will be listed as the first production with a full list of the original cast and production staff.

Panowski Playwriting Competition 2014

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Panowski Playwriting Competition Rules

1. There is a broad theme selected each year for the competition that entries for that year must adhere to. There is no restriction to style.

1.2 2015 Theme: For our 2015 competition, we are looking for a comedy that features college-age characters as the majority of the cast.

2. The competition is open to any playwright, but only one play per playwright may be entered per biennium.

3. Entries must be original, full-length plays or musicals. They also may be co-authored, based upon factual material or an adaptation. The applicant must be the owner and controller of the copyright. The legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the playwright.

4.One-act plays and works previously entered in playwriting competitions sponsored by Northern Michigan University are ineligible.

5. Submission is restricted to plays that have not been previously produced or published.

6. No revisions will be accepted once a script has been submitted.

7. No written or oral critique will be given on plays submitted.

8. Entries may be submitted starting July, 2014 and must be received no later than September 1, 2015 to be considered for the current theme. The winner will be announced in December. A staged reading/workshop will be scheduled for March or April 2016. The full production will be scheduled in the 2016-17 season, and may happen in any of our performance spaces.

9. Northern Michigan University reserves the right to accept or reject any play entered in the contest.

10. Scripts should be submitted electronically either in PDF or Microsoft Word format. They can be submitted through the website or via email to If you have difficulty submitting through our online form, or would like to send your script as a PDF, please email your script to However, if your ONLY recourse is a paper script, then the script must be loose leaf bound in a 3-ring binder or with a binder clip. Scripts bound with staples are not acceptable. They must be either typewritten or word processed. Entries not meeting these criteria will be disqualified.

11. By submitting a paper copy of the script the playwright agrees to allow their work to be scanned into a PDF.

12. Paper scripts will not be returned. It is suggested that playwrights retain copies of their scripts.

Click Submission on the side navigation to submit your script.

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Vittum Play Writing Competition

No web site available

Open to all playwrights—worldwide
  1. Submission period: January 1 through February 14, 2015.
  2. Type of Work: Any genre, any length, unproduced, unpublished plays only (readings are okay).
  3. Restriction: One play in one file per playwright (Musicals, ask for instructions).
  4. Subject: Bring it on–your play’s the thing! Restage Hannibal’s trek across the Alps, create an alternate universe, or enchant us with a full length monologue. Fill the stage with clutter and props and monkeys swinging from vines or leave it bare. This contest is about you, what you write, how you write and the journey you take us on. 
  5. Fee: $ 0.
  6. Notification: we notify semi-finalists as we read. If you don’t hear from us in a month, you didn’t make the first cut. Thereafter, we only notify those who advance. 
  7. Other Requirements. In order to be considered you must provide a cover page with all the following: a.) title, genre and contact information, b.) a short complete beginning-to-end synopsis. 
  8. Send one play in one file to: 
  9. What we’re looking for: Move us, excite us, make us laugh or feel your rage, take us on a journey; let us feel your soul.
  10. There’s no cash, no production, just an award for writing the best play. 
  11. The winner(s) will be notified March 17, 2015.

Final Frontier Festival

web site

Scripts are now being accepted for Gadfly Theatre Productions’ annual Final Frontier Festival. The Final Frontier Festival is a one-act play festival exploring the intersection of queer, feminist, and geek culture.

Vampires! Haunted houses! Deranged serial killers who may or may not wear your face like a mask! That’s right goblins and ghouls, the theme for this year’s Final Frontier Festival will be Horror! So if you’ve been working on the next great zombie play, or have been toying with the idea of writing a kickass lady slasher play, then this festival is for you! Can you send a shiver up our spine with your queer and/or feminist horror scripts? That remains to be seen, but what is certain, is that the pentagrams have been drawn, the werewolves have howled, and the Final Frontier Festival: Horror is coming! Lock your doors, say your prayers, and send us your scripts!

Scripts should be no longer than forty five minutes, contain queer and/or feminist themes in a horror genre, and have minimal technical demands. We are seeking six one-acts to be performed in repertory over a two week run in the summer of 2015. Each show will receive four performances.

Interested parties should send an electronic copy of the script to no later than January 31st, 2015.

Write a ten-minute play about an endangered species

web site


Go to the World Wildlife Fund or CITES and choose one or more species (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Flora & Fauna, or Invertebrates). The species must be integral to the plot, not just mentioned. Astonish the audience with the magnificence of the species – take us on an adventure – make us laugh, make us cry, make us weep if they're gone – motivate the audience to save them!

8-10 plays will be selected for a Staged Reading at a California theatre, with an award of $100 USD for each play. Multiple playwrights/Translators on a single play will divide the award equally (unless they request a different division). The audiences’ “ticket” will be a donation to a specified non-profit Wildlife Conservancy. There is No Entry Fee.

Entries must be received by midnight November 30, 2015.

Winners and Finalists will be announced by May 31, 2016 via e-mail and on the SES website. One submission per playwright. Plays must be in English, or have been translated into English. SES does not offer critiques.

Plays may be Comedic, Dramatic, or for Young Audiences (performed by adult actors). No adaptations or musicals. Maximum 4 actors – no elaborate props, swinging trapezes, or flaming torches, please.

Playwrights must hold the copyright. Legal clearance of materials not in public domain is the playwright's responsibility. Previously produced plays are accepted, published plays are not. Playwrights are obligated to inform SES if their play becomes published after submission. Plays with any contractual commitments, which restricts SES in any way, are not accepted. SES reserves the right to decide what is restrictive.

Include on the Title page: your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail – On the 2nd page: Cast List, Location/Time; Name of the Species; CITES Appendix I, II, or III; and any Playwright’s Notes/Glossaries.


Electronic submissions please

Submit the full script as an e-mail attachment (Word Doc. or pdf format) to Nikki Harmon

Put your Name; Contact info; Name of the Endangered Species in the body of the e-mail. In the subject line put “SCRIPT SUBMISSION” and the “Title of your Play”

If you have any problems sending your script let us know - we'll figure it out.

SES reserves the right to cancel the competition if not enough plays meet the mandate and artistic caliber required for presentation. If canceled, an announcement will be made via e-mail and on the website.

All winning playwrights are invited to the Staged Reading. Travel and accommodations are not included in the Prize.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aspiring Playwrights Contest Sponsored by East Valley Children’s Theatre

web site

East Valley Children’s Theatre is searching for aspiring playwrights to become a part of the theatre’s future seasons of performances. Contest rules and prizes are listed below.

* All Plays must be submitted to EVCT no later than March 1, 2015
 (Must include a cover sheet with name, address, phone number, email address.)

* Plays must be suitable for children to perform for children.
(Small casts are not as likely to be chosen for performance, casts of 15 or more are preferred.)

* Plays must be one hour to one hour and a half in length. (Shorter plays may be submitted but they will not be considered for production by the theatre as one of its season’s productions.)

* Plays and Musicals must not have been previously performed. They must be original and unpublished.

* Musicals must include a copy of the music in some form, either
manuscript or recorded.

* No entry fee is required.


* The first place entry will receive a $500 cash prize, a stipend for travel, and will be produced by East Valley Children’s Theatre in its upcoming season, if it meets all the criteria for performance. Second and third place winners will be announced and recognized.


Send entries to:
East Valley Children’s Theatre
P.O. Box 20514
Mesa, AZ 85277-0514
Or email them to:
For more information or questions call EVCT at 480-756-3828.

Indie Boots Theatre Festival

web site


Regular Deadline: December 15, 2015,
Late Deadline: January 15, 2015

Indie Boots is currently accepting short play submissions for the third annual festival. All plays must use the word "Ella" in the title of the piece. Plays under 10 minutes, comedies, and plays featuring underrepresented characters (women, LGBTQ characters, etc) are highly encouraged. The finalists will be performed this spring in Chicago, IL as part of Indie Boots Theatre Festival 2015: The Ella Plays. An audience award (and cash!) will be presented to one play. Casts may be as large as 10 actors or as small as 2 actors (casts of 3-5 are encouraged). Writers may submit more than one script. To submit, please visit

Indie Boots Chicago, IL

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Las Vegas Little Theater New Works Competition

web site

NOTE: Las Vegas Little Theater has extended its deadline to January 31st, 2015 at midnight PST. 

LVLT 2014 - 2015 New Works Competition

Is NOW accepting submissions through Dec 31, 2014

CLICK HERE to Email your Submission OR EMAIL to



The submission must include both a copy of the play and your completed application. 1 application must be submitted with each Play. We will only be accepting 2 submission per person, if we receive more than 2 submission from an individual only the first 2 received will be considered. (THANK YOU!)

  • All plays must be full length (90 minutes or more). No musicals please.
  • Plays must have no more than 8 characters – doubling is allowed
  • The set must be simple or representational.
  • Ideally looking for subject matter that will appeal to an age range of 18 – 30.
  • Seeking new plays that have not been professionally produced or published.
  • Plays will be screened by the competition committee. The top 5 will be submitted to the judges.
  • Prizes – 1st prize = Production of the play in the Fischer Black box in May plus $150, 2nd prize = $75
  • 3rd prize = $50
  • Contestants must sign a release form to authorize production
  • Scripts cannot be returned
  • Materials that are adapted from or otherwise derived from copyrighted source material must also submit permission to use the material at the time of submission.
  • The winning author agrees to the production of his/her play with no royalty payment. The author also agrees to allow LVLT to video tape the production. LVLT cannot provide transportation, lodging or other compensation for the author to travel to Las Vegas for the production.
  • Members of LVLT’s board of directors may not submit for this competition
  • Submissions will be accepted through Dec 31, 2014. The winner will be announced no later than March 30, 2015
  • Decision of the judges is final. Any disputes will be decided by the LVLT board of directors.
  • Only 2 submissions per person please. If more than 2 submissions are received from an individual, only the first 2 received will be considered.
  • Each submission will be assigned a number and author’s names will not be provided on judges copies of the script to prevent any bias.

27th Annual JETFest

web site

$15 non-refundable submission fee. 
This fee will be waived for members of the Dramatists Guild. 
How to join the Dramatists Guild

For those submitting digitally – the $15 fee cannot be waived, and may be mailed separately or processed by contacting the theatre.

Entry must be a full length original work or adaptation with a minimum running time of 85 minutes that has not been published prior to the festival in 2016. Cast size of 7 or less is preferred. Staged readings/workshop productions are not disqualifying factors.

Submissions will be accepted January 1 through June 30, 2015 (checked by postmark or time stamp).

Submit a blind copy of your script, securely bound, typed in standard play format, with pages numbered. Include a list of characters/descriptions, scene breakdown, and a brief synopsis of your play. Your script(s) should be accompanied by a cover letter, including playwright contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and resume. Musicals must include a demo CD. If applicable, also submit a photocopy of your Dramatists Guild membership card.

The acceptable electronic format is an Adobe PDF file.

Please note that entries that do not comply with our guidelines will not be accepted. If you would like your script returned, please include a SASE. Script evaluations will not be provided.

The playwright gives the Jewish Ensemble Theatre permission to photocopy scripts for reading/ production purposes. Should your script be selected as one of the 4 finalists, you are encouraged to attend the two readings and talkbacks.

The four finalists award the Jewish Ensemble Theatre the option to produce any of the finalist plays as part of its main stage season. Finalists must acknowledge the Jewish Ensemble Theatre if/when script is published.

Each of the four finalists will receive a $500 honorarium. No other expenses will be paid.

Each entry is guaranteed a minimum of 2 evaluations. The committee narrows down the entries to 15 – 20, which are then read by the entire committee who selects the 4 finalists.

Finalists will be notified no later than December, 2015.

Mail: Jewish Ensemble Theatre
Jet Fest
6600 West Maple Rd.,
West Bloomfield, MI 48322.


Christopher Bremer, Executive Director

The Playwright/Submitter agrees (by submission) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, its Adjudicators, Board of Directors and volunteers from any and all damages, liability, and claims, arising from the submission, production or elimination/disqualification of their submitted work.

2015 Musical/Play Writing Competition for Young Audiences

Web site

The Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission
Department of Parks and Recreation, Arts & Cultural Heritage Division

Call for Scripts

The M-NCPPC announces a call for submission of original scripts, in English, musical or non-musical. The script will be used for an annual children’s theatre production that tours Prince George’s County as part of M-NCPPC programs. Intended audience is children 6 to 12 years of age. The play will be developed as a musical and will be performed by actors from 16 to 20 years old. The plays are required to be 45 minutes to one hour in length.

Deadline for submissions is January 6, 2015 at 5 p.m.

 Awards of $1,200.00 will be presented to finalists, whose plays shall be developed during the Spring of 2015 and produced by M-NCPPC during the Summer of 2015, at its sole discretion. Up to two First Prize Awards may be chosen. A play submitted with full musical score including recorded soundtrack suitable for performance use shall be eligible for an additional award of $1,200 for Musical Composition. Please email Christel Stevens, Performing Arts Specialist, via, for complete guidelines of the competition.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays

web site

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays for its 2015 "Whistling with Slush in my Shoes" Spring play festival. Plays should be between 10-15 minutes in length, have no more than four characters, and can be of any genre. We love producing new and unpublished works but do accept works already produced. Multiple submissions are accepted. Plays should have simple set requirements. Since we are a community theater, plays with excessive vulgar language are less likely to be accepted. Please include synopsis and contact information. 

Plays will be accepted through January 30, 2015

2015 Adrian Pagan Award

web site

Thank you for your interest in the Adrian Pagan Award. We really look forward to reading your play.

Below, please find submission rules and guidelines, as well as a few tips from the reading team.

Sending us a submission indicates you understand and consent to these rules and guidelines.

Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines may lead to disqualification.

1. Please send scripts as a PDF or Word document.

2. Do not include your name on any part of the script. Entry must be anonymous.

3. Please send your name and contact details in a document that is separate to the script.

4. Please send an equal opportunities monitoring form. This information helps us understand our reach as an organisation and will help us improve our outreach efforts.

5. Plays should be full length; a minimum running time of one hour.

6. Please include a character list and information about how many performers your play requires. For example, if you have eight characters but two actors can play two characters,
please indicate that your play requires six performers.

7. Plays which were submitted to the 2013 competition are not eligible.

8. Anyone may submit a script, providing s/he has not had more than one professional
production of their work. We define a professional production as a three week run, with
press coverage. Edinburgh Fringe productions count as a professional production.

9. Multi-authored works will be accepted, provided all authors of the work are eligible as
specified in item 8 above.

10. Your submitted play must be original, new, and must not have been previously produced, optioned, or published. Translations and adaptations will not be considered.

11. The decision of the judges is final.

12. The winning play is immediately under option to the King’s Head Theatre for eighteen
months from the date of selection.

A word from the reading team:
We really look forward to reading your play. Before you submit, there are a few things you should know about the reading process, and a few words of advice we’d love to share.

1. Take every effort to ensure your play is easy to read. Things like formatting and spelling may seem trivial, but the easier you make it to read your play, the better the chances that we’ll really understand your play and your writing voice.

2. What are we looking for? Quite simply: a good story, well told, that engages with big ideas, is relevant to our times, and engages in some way with the live nature of theatre.

3. What we are not looking for: scripts for TV, film, or radio.

Your submission checklist:
- Full length script as a PDF or Word document with no identifying information anywhere in the document.
- A cover letter with the play’s title, your name and contact details. This information will be kept separate to your script during the reading and judging processes.
- An equal opportunities monitoring form.

Please send all three documents as attachments in an email to

Thank you very much once again for submitting to this year’s award. We wish you the very best of luck.

With best wishes
Nika Obydzinski, Literary Manager
And the Members of the Literary Department
King’s Head Theatre

2015 LaBute New Theater Festival

Submissions will be accepted October 1 through December 31, 2014.

Successful entries will have no more than four characters and be crafted specifically to exploit our intimate performance space. (18′ x 18′ stage) Changes in scenery or setting should be achievable quickly and with few major set moves. Our focus is on fundamental dramaturgy: plot, character and theme.


Professional, new and previously unproduced one-act play submissions should include a letter of inquiry, a synopsis and a 10-page sample from the script. Running time for each performance should not exceed 45 minutes. Up to Eight plays will be chosen. In addition, a new piece from Mr. LaBute will be performed every night for the run of the festival.


Winning plays by high school students will be presented in readings. The guidelines are straightforward: The one act should include no more than four characters featuring a clearly developed plot and distinctive characters. No longer than 15 minutes in length. Non-Professional, new and previously unproduced one-act play submissions should include a letter of inquiry and complete script.

Submissions should be sent to:
LaBute New Theater Festival,
St. Louis Actors’ Studio, 
360 N Boyle Ave, 
St. Louis, MO 63108

For more information: 314-458-2978 or

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wide Eyed Productions call for scripts

web site

Wide Eyed Productions will be hosting our third installment of the WINKS Reading Series! This time around we will be focusing exclusively new theatrical works of adapted content! (Meaning it’s is a play that was inspired by other works.)

Wide Eyed Productions is excited to continue its work on new American plays like our recent world premiere production of Dead Special Crabs by Dan Kitrosser and the award winning Animals by Sam Byron. We had such a good response to the previous seasons of readings, we want the fun to continue.

The Double Take Reading Series
A Wide Eyed Look at Theatrical Adaptation

Join us on the second Tuesday of every month at The Drama League where we will feature a twenty-minute segment from three original works by three different writers, which are related to, or inspired by, that month’s theme. At the end of each night the audience will be invited to select their favorite of the evening anonymously. The majority favorite will be named a semifinalist and be invited to submit a full text* to Wide Eyed Productions’ Artistic Board for consideration for our final round.

Two (or three?) overall finalists will be chosen and given a full staged reading of their play at the end of the WINKS series, and one winning text will be chosen based on audience and board votes. This winning text will then be work shopped with intent to produce in an upcoming season.

What you need to know:

· The play does not need to be a World Premiere.
· The play does not need to be a fully completed text when it is initially submitted.
· Musicals will be considered as long as they are submitted with a music sample.
· Directors and casts will be provided by Wide Eyed, but we love it when you have suggestions for people you love to work with!
· Please submit selections of text, treatments, and other support material to subject line, the appropriate theme for your play.
· The full text is not to exceed a 90-minute estimated run time. Semifinalists will be given a deadline for submissions of full texts.
· All submissions must be received by January 15, 2015.

· The Themes are as follows:

-MARCH: Anything But Disney: Adaptations from Fairy Tales from around the world.
-APRIL: Shake it Up: Adaptations from any of the bard's many works.
-MAY: In the News: Adaptations from past or current news stories from all forms of media.
-JUNE: It’s All Greek to Me: Adaptations from Greek texts and mythos.
-JULY: myTunes: Adaptations from pop songs, opera and other musical inspirations.
-AUGUST: Page Turners: Adaptations from works of literature.

OUR MISSION: Wide Eyed Productions exists to bring brave, bold and culturally relevant new texts to production. With a core ensemble of emerging theatre artists we are dedicated to leaving our audience wide eyed

Long Island Theatre Collective (LITC) New Plays Festival

web site

The Long Island Theatre Collective (LITC) is accepting submissions for its inaugural New Plays Festival, to be performed April 17-18, 2015 in Bellmore, NY. 

Selected playwrights will work closely with our collective of directors and actors to develop their piece and share it with our incredible audience.

Scripts of all lengths will be considered: full-length, one-act, ten-minute, or any other duration. Plays with smaller casts, minimal technical elements, and those with themes that are relevant to Long Island audiences will be of particular interest. We will not accept plays that have been previously produced or published.

Submissions will be accepted through January 15. 

Please email your script as a PDF or Word attachment to with the subject line, “New Plays Festival.” 

Please include a brief synopsis of the play and a character breakdown as a separate attachment. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted. All writers will be notified of the status of their submission by February 15.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Whoop 'n' Wail Represents (Bechdel Test)

web site

Playwrights open submission brief – Whoop ‘n’ Wail Represents..Desire

What is Represents…?

With brand new plays from both male and female writers, Represents… is a showcase with a difference.

Whoop ‘n’ Wail have committed to achieving gender equality on the UK stage by creating a night of entertaining, engaging theatre with all plays having significant roles for women.

Consisting of six fifteen-minute shorts, each piece of writing must pass the Bechdel Test - they must include at least two named female characters who, at some stage, talk to each other about something other than a man. Inspired by Alison Bechdel’s 1987 comic strip, The Rules, the Bechdel Test has become the benchmark for gauging fair representation on stage and screen.

The sold-out launch of Represents… in Nov 2014 featured work by both established and emerging playwrights and directors invited by the curators to kick off the inaugural event. For future nights, each will have an overarching theme, with pieces selected via an open submission process. Each submission will be read, six pieces selected, and successful writers paired with a director.

What we are looking for:

A 10 minute piece of new and original writing using the theme Desire as a stimulus.
Stage plays – either complete short plays or a self-contained extract from a larger work.
Plays written by individuals or writing teams.

Plays that pass the Bechdel Test:
There is no limit to the number of characters your play can have, however at least two must be female. We will accept gender-neutral characters, provided a female-female interaction can be achieved through casting.

The qualifying female characters must have names (not ‘wife’, ‘mum’, ‘woman’, etc.)
Two female characters must interact with each other directly about a subject other than men. This interaction should be significant and have a bearing on the plot.

NB: Plays do not need to be all-female to achieve this. It is entirely possible to pass the test and have male characters in the play and we welcome submissions that achieve this.

What we do not accept:
Scripts that do not pass the Bechdel Test.

Plays that do not pass the test will not be read, and Whoop ‘n’ Wailwill not accept further submissions from the writer.
Scripts that have been previously produced

We will accept scripts that have had rehearsed readings, but not ones that have been staged. Represents… is a new writing night, so we want to showcase your original work.
Scripts that do not relate to the theme

Please do not send old work hoping it will fit the bill: we are looking for new plays written in response to the set theme or existing (unperformed) work that clearly relates to it.
Adaptations of another writer’s idea

We want to see your original work. The only exception to this if you have adapted your own work from another medium.
Multiple submissions at one time

We can only accept one script from each writer/writing team in a given submission window.

How to submit:
Submit scripts in Word Format only via email by the deadline, 17:00 on Friday 2nd January 2015. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be read or considered.

Attach a character breakdown, including each character’s gender, and a three-line synopsis.

What we provide:

  • The performance space
  • A director
  • Your cast
  • The marketing for the showcase
  • Basic lighting
  • Basic set
  • Basic props

Important Information:
Successful writers will be paired with a director, and that director will have sole responsibility for casting the piece and arranging rehearsals. Writers may be invited to rehearsals, however this will be at the director’s discretion.

Directors may make minor changes to dialogue, such as word substitutions or line order.

Suggested cuts or changes that fundamentally change the plot or structure of the piece will be discussed with the writer.
Writers will be entitled to a complimentary ticket for each performance for their own use only. These tickets cannot be transferred.

Due to venue restrictions, complimentary tickets for press and industry professionals are only available to the producers. No other complimentary tickets will be available to cast or creatives, however requests to allocate tickets can be submitted to the producers for use by legitimate industry professionals such as casting directors.Whoop ‘n’ Wail will consider all requests, however this does not guarantee approval. The producers’ decision is final.

No naked flames, smoking or fire will be permitted in the venue (this includes candles).
The final deadline for script submissions is 17:00 on Friday 2nd January 2015. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be read or considered.

Successful writers will be notified by 17:00 on the 10th January 2015. Regretfully, due to time constraints, Whoop ‘n’ Wail are only able to respond to successful applicants and are unable to provide any feedback on unsuccessful submissions. Whoop ‘n’ Wail will not respond to requests for such.


This is not a paid commission – everyone involved in the project (including the producers) contribute their time and talent for free.Whoop ‘n’ Wail will be applying for funding so this may change as the project develops and we will update you if there are any changes. All accounts for Represents… will be available to any member of the company at any time by request.


web site
NOTE: We welcome submissions from anybody, but do keep in mind the plays will be performed in London, by British actors, and we're unlikely to choose plays where they would have to put on American accents.
Heavy Weather are now accepting submissions for the second edition of our new writing night LOVER, as part of the Black Box Festival at the Etcetera Theatre in January. We are looking for 4 plays, and one piece of spoken word.

Your play should be ten minutes long, with minimal tech requirements, and with a same-sex relationship at its core. We’re looking for exciting, dynamic writing that would work well in the Etcetera Theatre’s black box space.

A cast of up to four actors - 2 male, 2 female - will perform all the plays, so please bear this in mind when writing (your play can use as many or as few of these actors as you’d like).

SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS: we are looking for a short (5 minute) piece of spoken word. Please submit both the poem itself, and some footage of a previous performance so we can get a sense of your style. Spoken word artists can either hand over their piece to an actor or perform their own work.

We want to see on stage the diversity of relationships that exist in our lives. We want same-sex relationships to be explored in theatre in as much complexity and depth as heterosexual relationships. Last year, LOVER (Park Theatre) sold out and received 4 and 5 star reviews, and we hope to make this event even more successful.

Please submit your play to by Monday 22nd December.

18th Annual Black Box New Play Festival

web site

The Gallery Players, Brooklyn’s premier, award-winning Off-Off Broadway theatre, is seeking plays for its 18th Annual Black Box New Play Festival to be held in June, 2015. Each play selected will be given a Black Box production at Gallery Players and will be performed in a festival format with non-equity actors. Playwrights must be available for rehearsals and use this as an opportunity to continue work on their play. We are particularly interested in shorter pieces.

Submission guidelines:

1. Plays must be un-produced (readings are o.k.)

2. Length may be from 10 minutes to full-length.

3. Playwrights may not direct their own work.

4. The deadline for submission is December 31st 2014
5. Please mail two copies of your play, a plot synopsis and a resume to:

Gallery Players
Black Box New Play Festival
199 14th Street
Brooklyn N.Y. 11215

We will only contact you if your play has been accepted into the festival. If you wish to receive confirmation that your play was received by us, please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard. If you wish to have your plays returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


web site

SCI-FEST LA: The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival is now accepting submissions for their next festival scheduled for May, 2015. 

Sci-Fest only accepts one-act stage plays with a sci-fi themes and a running time of 20 minutes or less. 

Deadline for submissions:  December 15th 2014.  

There is no fee to submit to SCI-FEST LA.  

Last year’s festival featured a cast of over 40 actors including Tony-Winner L. Scott Caldwell (“Lost”), Dean Haglund (“The X-Files”), James Kyson (“Heroes”), Jasika Nicole (“Fringe”), Tim Russ (“Star Trek: Voyager”) and Armin Shimerman (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”).  

Directors included Dan Castellaneta (“The Simpsons”) and Jack Kenny (“Warehouse 13”).  Last year’s festival received press coverage from The Hollywood Reporter, NPR, The Huffington Post and the BBC.  

Sci-Fest LA is produced by Michael Blaha, Lee Costello and David Dean Bottrell (“Boston Legal”).  

To learn more or to submit a one-act sci-fi script, please visit our website:

Live Girls! Theater Quickies

web site

We are currently seeking submissions of 10-minute plays written by women for our 16th annual festival of short plays, Quickies. The deadline for submissions is DECEMBER 15, 2014.

Email submissions only. Please read the submission guidelines below carefully and follow the instructions!


Quickies is a Live Girls! trademark event and our longest running program. Our 16th installment of this short play event will include 7 short plays by women, as well as feature up and coming local directors and actors. This spring we will be working with the themes of “Risk” & “Reward.” Plays that fit with either or both of these themes in some way are highly encouraged, though not required. Quickies Volume 16 will be performed in association with Annex Theatre in June 2015.

New works are encouraged but submissions that have had previous productions outside of Seattle will be accepted.

Please send all submissions to
Themes for Quickies 16th edition are “Risk” & “Reward.” Plays that fit with either or both of these themes in some way are highly encouraged, though not required.
Playwrights may submit up to 3 short plays total. They should be close to a 10-minute running time.

In the body of your email please introduce yourself; we are always excited about meeting new playwrights! You should also include any previous production history for plays submitted. You may include a bio or resume if you like, but they are not required.
Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2014. Submissions will receive a reply no later than February 15, 2015.
Keep in mind we are a small theater taking the risk to produce new works, and we may not be able accommodate very large casts or long lists of tech requirements.
Plays submitted should be sent as attachments; MS Word is preferable (More compatible with e-readers) but PDFs are also accepted.

Bare Fiction Magazine: Theatre Submission - March 2015 Issue

Web site

Deadline: January 11th 2015
We feel that playwrights get a raw deal in literary magazines and we're here to change that once and for all. Submissions for short plays of around 15 minutes in length or approximately 10 pages of text are preferred. Please give a brief synopsis in your covering letter and, if applicable, include details of any performances of the text you have received or productions planned.


You must create an account or sign in. See web site for more information.

Y2E is currently accepting play script submissions for the upcoming 2015 season

web site

NOTE:  Submission fees are waived for All NYCPlaywrights Members and anyone that submits via the NYCPlaywrights site.

Simply follow the submission guidelines on our website. When you submit your play add NYCPlaywright to the subject line. Please do follow the submission guidelines and requirements for submission. Only the fee is waived.

Submission Deadline: December 28th, 2014
  • Topic must be political/ controversial issues that are present in today's society
  • Maximum of 6 characters total
  • Maximum of 1hr. 45 minutes in length (105 pgs.)
Email your submission documents

We are seeking new, strong, controversial plays about current events or subject matters. (Eg: the first black president, stop and frisk, stand your ground, Mike Brown, health care, immigration, economy, justice/prison system,etc).

If you are a playwright that also directs and your play follows our submission guidelines, submit your play today. We will be accepting 6 winning plays into our 2015 season. A stipend will be awarded to the winners.

You may review our Submission Fees/ Guidelines/ and Criteria here:!theatre/cj42

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cultural DC Source 10-minute Play Festival 2015

web site

Source Festival seeks 10-Minute Plays of any genre (comedy, drama, magical realism etc.) that relate to one of the themes listed below. The themes are inspired by the festival's three Full-Length Plays. Summaries and information about these plays can be found here.

Science & Soul-mates: Seeking plays that address the juxtaposition of the mind and the heart. Be it physics, chemistry, biology or astronomy, your play must examine true love and the knowledge of the natural world based on experiments and observation.

Mistakes & Media: Seeking plays that address the constant news cycle of our contemporary society and the perils of living in this digital age.

Love & Botany: Seeking plays that explore nature AND nurture from a distinctive perspective. Your play must include flora and infatuation.

Eligibility Requirements:

- Plays must not have been previously produced or published.*

- Playwrights may submit only one 10-Minute Play to the the festival and the play may only be submitted under one theme.

- Plays may be no longer than 10 pages, exclusive of your title page.

- Plays must be submitted in PDF format.*

- Playwrights must be based in the United States. We are not currently accepting international submissions.

To submit your 10-Minute Play to the Source Festival, please complete the form below and upload your script as a .pdf file.

Please complete this form and submit the documents requested online.

Due: January 6, 2015 at 5:00pm

No late entries. No exceptions.

Playwrights whose scripts have been selected for Source Festival 2015 will be notified in the spring of 2015.

Please note: Some users are reporting difficulties submitting the form via Microsoft Explorer. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.

Trustus Theatre Annual Playwrights' Festival

web site

Trustus Theatre announces its Annual Playwrights' Festival, a national contest culminating in a production of a new play in Columbia, South Carolina.

Now in our 26th year, we are one of America's longest-running play festivals. Since 1988, many of our winners have been published and produced off-Broadway, in Hollywood or at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

The winning play will receive a staged-reading and $250 in Fall 2015. During the following year, the playwright will develop the script for production as he/she wishes and in consultation with members of the Trustus staff and company. In August 2016, the play will receive a full production on the Trustus mainstage with local actors (mostly non-equity) -- and the playwright an additional $500, plus travel/lodging for the Festival opening.

1. Full-length plays only, with no previous professional productions. Academic productions and workshops are okay. We are looking for innovative comedies and dramas on any topic, raw or polished, profane or polite—but please: no musicals or children's shows. 
2. One set, minimal production needs preferred.
3. Cast of eight or fewer preferred, ages 15-60.
4. One script per author, please.
5. No re-submissions. Write something new.


We are now taking submissions electronically. We do not accept paper submissions sent through the regular mail. All materials should be submitted using the online form.

Step One:
Submit the online form by March 1, 2015:

Step Two:
From the applications/synopses, we will identify 25-30 semi-finalists. If your play is selected as a semi-finalist, you will be notified and invited to send a full script. From those scripts, the artistic director will select a winning play by July 2015.

Questions may be directed

Take back the Rom-Com - NYCPlaywrights seeks 10-minute romantic comedies

The romantic comedy genre is in trouble. Vulture wondered if the rom-com could be saved, while the Village Voice has declared it dead, and so has the Daily Beast.

NYCPlaywrights would like to take back the romantic comedy. We are looking for as many as ten 10-minute romantic comedy plays, which we will present as a public reading to be held in Manhattan in March 2015.

The romance does not have to be hetero-normative. We encourage LGBTQ romantic comedy submissions.

A few of the NYCPlaywrights Plays of the Month have been romantic comedies, so you see it can be done as a 10-minute play:

DARK RIDE by Ralph Greco
HIGH ON EMMA SAFFORD by Nancy Brewka Clark
TUMMY BUBBLES by Jennifer Lane

The deadline is Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.

  • Send only one play per author to
  • The script must be submitted by the author of the script, no agents or others may submit. 
  • The script submission should be sent by email, with the script itself as a file attached to the email. File format should be in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or pdf. Most preferable is .pdf (Portable Document Format) because it will retain your original script formatting. 
  • Make sure you have your name and your email address on the script. 
  • Plays can be submitted by anybody, anywhere in the world but must be primarily in English (a few non-English phrases are acceptable, but the phrases must include English translations in production notes or stage directions.) 
  • There is no fee for submission. 
  • All rights will remain with the playwright. 
  • The NYCPlaywrights selections decision is final.
  • A play that has had a production is acceptable, although we prefer a new play written for this project. 
  • A play that has been published is not acceptable.
  • The date/venue of the public reading will be announced soon after the winning plays are selected.
  • The public reading performance may be video-recorded (with permission of playwrights and actors) and excerpts posted to this NYCPlaywrights web site.
We will be using an ensemble of actors for the reading, who will do more than one play, and the actor ages will be approximately 25 - 55 years old, so if you have roles listed for younger than 25 or older than 55, the actor cast may not be that exact age, although we will strive to get as close as possible.

Any questions email

Mindy Kaling gripes amusingly about romantic comedies.

The Writer's Monthly Review Magazine submission guidelines

web site

Submissions must follow standard manuscript format. List your full name, address, telephone and email address on the front page of each manuscript.

Features - Instructive or motivational articles for writers, especially how-to-write or how-to-sell to specific market areas. Length should be 1,500 to 1,800 words; submit full manuscript. Also needed: interviews with editors of freelancer-friendly publications.

End Piece - A strong, thoughtful, first-person essay of 550 to 1000 words, related to writing. May be humorous, motivational or philosophical.

Departments - First $ale carries 250-500 word accounts of a writer's first sale. Writing-related humor of 50 to 500 words.

Markets Column: We are looking for a regular columnist who can provide our readers with new markets every month. Columns must be between 1500-2000 words with several market listings accepting freelance material.

Writer's Contests, Conferences & Workshops: We are looking for a regular columnist who can provide our readers with updated information on contests, conferences and workshops every month. Columns must be between 1500-2000 words with several market listings accepting freelance material.

Poetry - We look for well-crafted poetry in any style and on the subject of writing. Due to space limitations, we generally only accept shorter poems of 20 lines or less. Slight preference for topics related to writing, the creative process, famous poets or writers, the use or power of language, and for seasonal topics.

Poetry-related features should be about the elements of craft, marketing, form poetry, poetics, or the influence of specific poets. 1500-1800 words. Poetry Book Reviews should be thoughtful, well-written reviews on books about writing, reading, or marketing poetry. Reviewed books must be helpful tools for the writing poet, such as books on form, poetics or the elements of craft. 500 words.

We do not pay at this time. All accepted submissions will receive one copy of the magazine in which the submission appears.

Contact Marcella Simmons, Editor, at for further information.

ArtAge Publication guidelines

web site

Writers Guidelines (PDF)

How to Submit:
Send hard copies of your play to our office:

ArtAge Publications
7845 SW Capitol Hwy Ste 12
Portland OR 97219

We do not return scripts. Thank you for understanding that it takes a while to read, approve, and accept new scripts and materials for our collection. Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in ArtAge Publications. We’re excited to read your work. In these guidelines you’ll learn how to format the play, where to send your script, and other related information. Please understand that accepting new works is often a lengthy process. Your patience is appreciated. Again, thanks for sending us your shows!

What to submit: Senior Theatres perform plays and musicals of all lengths, but short shows which run up to 20 minutes are the most popular. Directors look for plays with mainly female or women-only casts in comedies that require few technical elements for ease of touring and can be done as readers theatre. Successfully performed shows have a majority of, or senior-only, up-todate, feisty older characters in current situations playing roles that challenge performers, yet are fun to stage.

Use our format:

Type your play on standard size 8.5" x 11" paper. Always number your pages consecutively. Never reset page numbers when you change acts or scenes.

Use 1 inch margins all the way around. If your play will be in a binder, add 1/2 inch to the left margin so the text will be at 1 inch when it is read.

Use a common, easy to read 12 point font such as Palatino, Courier New, or Times New Roman. Type dialogue in regular font and stage directions in italics. Avoid bold and excessive underlining. Also avoid indents and tabs. Your text should run margin to margin.

Begin with a title page that follows the attached example page. Your title and name go in the middle of the page. Put your name, address, telephone number and email in the lower right corner. If you wish, you may put a copyright statement in the lower left corner.

The next page is for your cast list. Using the example, center your title and name at the top. Double space. Type CAST. Double space. Put character names in CAPS with a colon at the left margin. Follow with a brief description. After your cast list designate Time and Place. Be brief.

ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, 800-858-4998

Little Festival of the Unexpected Submissions

web site

Submissions for the upcoming Little Festival of the Unexpected are accepted year-round on a rolling basis (we are currently reading for the 2015 festival). All submissions received after January 1 will be considered for the following year’s Festival. Only scripts and samples of full-length plays are considered for the Festival.

Literary agents may submit complete scripts on behalf of their clients at any time.
Playwrights who do not have agents may submit 10-page dialogue samples for consideration. Dialogue samples must be accompanied by a synopsis, production history and character breakdown.

Plays are eligible for development at the Little Festival of the Unexpected only if they have not previously been professionally produced or workshopped with Equity actors. This restriction includes Actors Equity showcase and waiver productions. Plays that have had readings or non-AEA productions are still eligible.

Only one submission is accepted per playwright in a given year.
Submissions of 10-page samples (from playwrights) must be sent by U.S. Mail only – no e-mails, faxes, etc.

Submit by mail to:

Portland Stage Company
Attn: Literary Manager
P.O. Box 1458
Portland, ME 04104

Friday, December 12, 2014

Theatre Three 19th Annual Festival of One-Act Plays

web site 

Submission Guidelines:
  • Only UNPRODUCED works will be accepted.  
  • Plays that have had staged readings are eligible.
  • No adaptations or children’s plays.
  • Cast size maximum:  8
  • Length:  40-minutes maximum.  No minimum.
  • Settings should be simple or suggested.
  • Playwrights may make multiple submissions. (These need not be made under separate cover.)
  • Please do not submit works that have been previously submitted.

Scripts must be post-marked by September 30, 2015.

Please submit a cover letter, a synopsis, and a resume along with one copy of the play.  Cover-sheet of play should have title, author, author’s address, author’s telephone number, and author’s e-mail.  Plays should be neatly bound or stapled on the left hand corner.  (No loose pages and no binders, please.)   if playwrights wish to have their works returned, an appropriate SASE must also be included. 

Selected plays will be presented for ten performances IN March 2016. Playwrights will receive a small stipend.

Plays should be submitted to The 19th Annual Festival of One-Act Plays, Attn. Jeffrey Sanzel, Artistic Director, THEATRE THREE, PO Box 512, Port Jefferson, NY  11777-0512.  We do no accept electronic (e-mail) submissions).  Please do not call or stop by the theatre.
Final selection of plays will be in late 2015.

Heartland Theatre Company is seeking ten-minute plays

web site

Heartland Theatre Company is seeking eight short original plays to be considered for production in June of 2015 as part of our 14th annual 10-minute play festival. This year, the theme is CLASS REUNION.

The competition is open to all playwrights who wish to submit a play. Eight plays will be selected and performed from among all the submissions


1. Your play must fit the theme – CLASS REUNION – or it will not be considered.
2. Your play must fit our theater and its performance space.
3. We require internet submissions in MS Word. Please note that we do not accept pdfs.
4. When formatting your play, we ask that you follow our style sheet.
5. We are looking for NEW plays. Please do not send us anything that has previously been produced.
6. Your play may contain no more than four (4) characters and no less than two (2).
7. Heartland Theatre Company has a pool of actors ranging in age from 18 to 70. Make sure that your characters can be played by actors within that range.
8. Your play should consist mainly of dialogue, not monologues. Please note that our requirement for dialogue also means mimed or mute plays are not what we are looking for.
9. No children’s plays, musicals, or plays which were previously chosen as winners in any Heartland Theatre playwriting competition will be considered.
10. Do not put your name on the play itself, as submissions are judged blind. Make sure your title appears on every page of the play, however.
11. If your play cannot be considered for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible. If, in the judges’ opinion, the problem is easily fixable and the play otherwise has merit, we may ask you for revisions. Asking for revisions is completely up to the judges and depends a great deal on timing. No plays submitted after January 1 will be considered for revisions.
12. Those plays which win and are staged will be videotaped for archival purposes.
13. No contracts beyond the guidelines mentioned here will be offered.
14. Only one entry will be accepted from each playwright.
15. Your play must be written in English.
16. Keep your play under ten minutes in length.
17. Remember that something has to happen in those ten minutes.
All entrants must complete and submit
Heartland Theatre 10-Minute Play Entry Form.

You must attach your script in MS Word format when you send the entry form.

***Deadline for entries considered for revisions is January 1, 2015. If you want the opportunity to do revisions, your play must be entered by January 1.***

Finalists will be notified approximately March 15.

Winners will be announced approximately April 10.
If you have any questions, please email

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Renaissance Guild ActOne Series Festival

web site

TRG’s ActOne Series Festival:
We are holding an open call for One Act Scripts & Directors

Submission Deadline: Jan 1, 2015

Playwrights and Directors Wanted

The AOS was developed to provide a venue and a voice to writers. Once the pieces are selected, if needed, local playwrights will have the opportunity to work with a dramaturge to hone their script before it goes into production, and they will have the opportunity observe rehearsal. The process culminates in two evenings of performances, when the writers get the opportunity to see their works come to life, local actors show their stuff on stage and the San Antonio community gets the opportunity to celebrate the work of their neighbors, friends and promising new theatre voices.

Please put the name of your play and your name in the Subject box.
In the email please include:
• Cover Letter, including your contact information
• Play Genre and Synopsis
• Cast breakdown
• Script in word or PDF format
• List of previous productions/publishing (do not include readings)
• Any other pertinent information

SUGGESTIONS: These are one acts, not TV shows. The focus should be the writing and the acting, not set pieces or scene changes. Plays with extensive technical requirements will be considered, but those with fewer demands will receive stronger consideration. Keep in mind this is an Act Series, so show should be no longer than 30 minutes, the shorties being 5 minutes.

Pigs Do Fly Productions is seeking 10-minute contemporary comedies

web site

Pigs Do Fly Productions is seeking 10-minute contemporary comedies for vibrant, healthy people over 50 who are doing interesting things with their lives, for a new production in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, fall of 2015.

1. The simple setting is limited to: use of a small rectangular table, a pedestal table and four chairs. (No bedrooms, full kitchens, etc.)

2. Cast of two to four people (All must be age range 50 or older). (No monologues).

3. Must be a comedy for casts all over the age of 50.

4. Firm: 10 page limit on scripts using 12 point font.

5. Straight, gay and bi comedies sought.

6. Limited to two submissions per playwright.

7. Playwrights may be from anywhere, but scripts must be in English.

8. Plays must be in standard play format with numbered pages.

9. Email your scripts as a pdf document.

10. The subject line of your email should include your name and the title of the play.

11. No submission fee.

12. Please don’t raise ages in a script currently on your computer and send it along. It rarely works.

13. Not looking for skits. Play should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Submit via email to:

Submissions must be received by midnight (E.S.T.) January 2, 2015

-Questions? Contact Artistic Director Marj at

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Portland Theatre Works submission guidelines

web site

Portland Theatre Works (Portland, OR) is always accepting submissions for our FreshWorks reading series. While most of our projects involve the submission of a complete draft of a script by a playwright, we are also interested in exploring different models and processes of developing new work. Please keep in mind that our mission is to develop new work, so while our readings do involve a public presentation, that is just a part of the process. If you are looking for a theatre to simply present your work for the purposes of gaining exposure, we are not that theatre. Please take a look at the guidelines below, and then send us your stuff!

Please also note: While we are very excited to work with playwrights from places near and far, you should know that we do not have the resources at this time to provide you with transportation to Portland or housing (or food) while you are here for the reading or workshop. We hope to in the future, but we can't at the moment.
We do not accept submissions for our LabWorks series. Given our scarce resources we've chosen to select plays for further development in LabWorks from out of our FreshWorks series, allowing us deepen our support of a play and playwright with whom we've established a relationship.

Playwrights submitting a script:

  • Your play may not have had a professional Equity production (previous workshops or readings are okay).
  • Submit your script as well as a cover letter.
  • Please include a statement which addresses the following in any order (don't feel you need to limit yourself to one page):
    • What led you to begin work on this play?
    • Why are you seeking a reading? (In other words, what are your goals, or what do you wish to find out about your play in a reading?)
  • Please attach a bio and resume (or you can just tell us a little about yourself in the cover letter).
  • Lastly, please attach a sheet outlining this play's production/workshop/reading history, if any.
  • Please do not submit a synopsis.

Please Note: Your statement of intent is just as important to us as your script. Since our goal is to support the development of a piece, we're very interested in what your developmental goals are for the play so that we can be sure we have the resources to support those goals.

Folks not submitting a script:

  • Submit a cover letter and any supporting materials you have.
  • Please write a statement of intent for the project which addresses the following (don't feel you need to limit yourself to one page) in any order:
    • Describe the work you wish to develop.
    • What has led you to pursue this project?
    • What is your plan for developing this project? (Be very specific!)
    • Describe what you have done so far in developing this project (e.g. preparation, research, previous workshops, if any).
  • Please give a brief overview of your background (tell us a little about yourself).
  • Tell us about any other collaborators you plan to involve.

All submitters: Make sure your materials include your contact information, including mailing address, phone, and e-mail address!
Send the requested information to:
Portland Theatre Works
PO Box 8582
Portland, OR 97207-8582
Or submit via e-mail:

We can handle Microsoft Word format, rich text files, and PDF format.

We will contact you via e-mail (or if you do not wish to be contacted by e-mail, please include a SASP) informing you of the receipt of your submission and giving you an idea of when you will receive a response from us.

Kitchen Dog Theater New Works Festival Script Submission

web site

Scripts must be received by January 1, 2015 to be considered for the 2015 Festival.

Each year, Kitchen Dog Theater selects one original script to receive:
* A fully staged production (as part of our regular season – a six-week run)
* Paid travel to Dallas, TX (if necessary) to work with the Director, Cast and Crew
* Royalty stipend (amount TBD)

Six other original scripts will be selected to receive:
*A staged reading (as part of our New Works Festival)
*Each selected playwright will receive a honorarium. Travel not included.

Prospective scripts must meet the following guidelines:
* Full-length plays only (preferably one hour or longer)
* Submitted scripts must be type-written
* Completed scripts only
* Do not include a synopsis and/or reviews (if any) of the play
* Ideally have between one and five actors (character doubling acceptable)
* There are no restrictions on play content.
* Only ONE script per playwright may be submitted.

All unproduced scripts will be recycled.

Please send your script with cover letter to:
Attn: Tina Parker, Co-Artistic Director
Kitchen Dog Theater
3120 McKinney Avenue, Ste. 100
Dallas, TX 75204.


DEADLINE for 2015 New Works Festival: RECEIVED BY JANUARY 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

LTG Productions seeking plays

web site

LTG Productions is currently looking for 10 minute, one act and full length plays for our 2015 season. Our season includes readings and panels, two productions and a monthly theatrical podcast (think old time theater). New and established playwrights are encouraged to submit. All genres welcome.

Please include:

- One page summary of play (including character breakdown)
- Full Script

Electronic Submissions in PDF or Word only, using standard format guidelines.

Send to: with the subject: LTG Submission

Arundel Festival Theatre Trail

Web site

The Arundel Festival Theatre Trail, conceived and presented by Drip Action Theatre Company, is now in its fifteenth year. It performs at the end of August, on each of the Festival’s eight days, eight short plays at eight different venues all over Arundel – this year, for example, in a community hall, a restaurant, a football club and Arundel Jailhouse. An audience of over 2,000 came to see the eight 2014 Theatre Trail plays.

The Trail is firmly established as one of the major components in the Festival and is a great showcase for both new and established writers, both from the UK and beyond


Writers are invited to submit plays for next year’s Trail.

Plays should be between 30 and 40 minutes long, with practicable casting, props and effects. All entries should be submitted to

Drip Action Theatre Trail 2014

c/o SCGIS Ltd
65a High Street
West Sussex
BN18 9AJ

Entries must be received by 31st January 2015. There is no reading fee.

One play only per entrant, in hard copy (not e-mail). Please enclose an SAE if you’d like your play returned.
Our reading committee will select the plays that will be performed, with the best submitted script receiving the Joy Goun award of £250 at our Theatre Trail launch in May 2015.
Each successful playwright will receive a £150 writer’s fee.
For further information call 01903 885250 or email

Ocean County College seeking 10-minute comedies

Ocean County College web site

Ocean County College (Toms River, NJ) is seeking 10-minute comedies for its Comic Shorts one-act festival in April, 2015.

Submission guidelines:

Limit two submissions per playwright.

Plays must have a running time of 15 minutes or less.

The simpler your setting is the better. Plays are performed in a black box with limited technical capabilities.

Must be a comedy.

There is no fee for submission or production. There are no royalty payments to authors, all plays are performed for free. If your play is chosen, you will receive a copy of the program, four complimentary tickets to be used any night of the run, and lots or appreciation.

Submit scripts in PDF format via email to:
Please use subject line: Comic Shorts

Submissions must be received by midnight (E.S.T.) December 30, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ghost Light Theatricals is currently looking for a 30 to 50 minute script

web site

Due: December 15

Ghost Light Theatricals is currently looking for a 30 to 50 minute script for our Night Lite series. This show would be performed in January directly after upcoming performances of "The 4th graders present an unnamed love suicide."

The ideal submission would be a comedy, ready to perform and have a cast of 4 to 8 actors.

Please include:
-one page summary of play (including character breakdown)
- Full Script

Electronic Submissions only

Send to: with the subject: Night Lite Submission

If your script is chosen you will be paid $25, a couple of drink tickets and love.

Call for Plays - Women Playwrights Series

web site

The Centenary Stage Company, an Equity theatre in residence on the campus of Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ is accepting submissions for the 2015 Women Playwrights Series (WPS) and the 2015 Susan Glaspell Contest.

Now in its 23rd year, the WPS is a developmental program dedicated to providing a working forum for the unique and underserved voice of women writing for the theatre today. Each season three new plays are selected for a collaborative workshop process, with a professional director and actors, which takes place in a brief rehearsal period, over a period of a approximately 1 week, allowing time for the playwright to hear and adapt their work with other professionals. The process culminates in a presentation of the work for the public as part of the Series giving CSC audiences larger exposure to new work, as well as offering the playwright an opportunity to get feedback from the audience during the development process.

Playwrights selected for the workshop process will receive a $200 honorarium. Additional funds for travel and housing are available for one playwright each season.

The 2015 Susan Glaspell Contest:

One play from the WPS Festival will be selected by a panel of judges as the winner, to be featured in a subsequent CSC main-stage season as a full production, with an additional award of $1500 to the playwright.
Guidelines for WPS Susan Glaspell Contest:

Submit Full-length play, no more than ONE production.
(If play has had one production, please include information in your cover letter about the company, # of performances, and contract, if applicable)

Please include 1 letter of recommendation from a professional colleague or professor/instructor familiar with your work.
Note: we are rarely able to consider work with over 7 cast members.

Deadline January 13, 2015

Call CSC for more details (908 979-0900)
Send to:

Attn: Catherine Rust, Prog. Dir
Centenary Stage Co. WPS
400 Jefferson St.
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New American Theater Spring One-Act Festival

web site

Full production of the play in Los Angeles produced by The New American Theatre at the Odyssey Theatre. Performance of the piece will be under the supervision of Jack Stehlin, utilizing the talents of the acting company of the New American Theatre.

All playwrights whose work makes it to the level of semi-finalist will be given first consideration for any full-length work they may have to be included in the New American Theatre Full-Length reading series, which takes place in January and February.

One act plays which have not been previously produced in Los Angeles, CA (plays with simple staging requirement s are favored). Running time must be twenty-five minutes or less.

You will receive e-mail confirmation of the submission of your work at the time of submission. Further notification will only be given to semifinalists.

No subject restrictions, no fee

Please submit full script as an e-mail attachment. No contact information should be on the script itself. Body of the e-mail should include title of the work, author’s name, address and contact information. All submissions should go to the New American Theatre Literary Coordinator, Joe Bays at

Please put ONE ACT PLAY SUBMISSION in the subject line. Snail mail submissions are also accepted. Please send your material to The New American Theatre. PO Box 586, Culver City, CA 90232, ATTN one-act competition.

Deadline February 28, 2015

The New American Theatre

The New American Theatre (formerly Circus Theatricals) is a critically-acclaimed actor-led theatre company best known for producing classic plays as well as exploring and supporting new and challenging work in the American theatre. The New American Theatre is dedicated to the support and growth of all artists who participate in the collective imagination that is theatre.

Named by CBS Los Angeles as one of the top five 99-seat theatre’s in Los Angeles, The New American Theatre (formerly Circus Theatricals) has also enjoyed critical acclaim, awards and nominations from the Los Angeles Times, LA Drama Critics Circle, Back Stage West, LA Weekly, LA Stage Alliance Ovations, and many others. Please visit our website for more information:
Questions? Email:

All For One seeks solo shows

web site

All For One is always looking out for new solo shows by performers in all stages of their careers. We accept submissions on a rolling basis year-round for consideration for production and our Works-In-Progress Series, submissions are also open for the Artist in Residence program in the fall of every-other year.

Before submitting, please be aware that All For One is moving from a festival model to a full season. To learn more, check out the Submissions FAQ.

All For One produces a season of solo performance, opening in the fall and closing in the spring. With a focus on shows that inform, inspire, move, and matter, All For One seeks to produce the best in solo theater form both emerging and established artists.

Shows are considered on a rolling basis, meaning that you may submit at any time, and though that submission might not be chosen for production in the upcoming season, it may still be kept on file for consideration in future seasons.

All For One current accepts unsolicited scripts and has no submission fee.

Please read the Submissions FAQ and information on how to submit before submitting.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on our site, please