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Metropolitan Playhouse Living Literature Festival: January 2016

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The Transcendentalists

Deadline - September 30, 2015


Metropolitan Playhouse presents its 10th Annual Living Literature Festival, devoted to Transcendentalists.

Scheduled for January 11th through January 24th, 2016, the festival is a collection of new plays celebrating the spirit of the artists, philosophers, and social experiementers who sought a way through the mundane to live in spiritual harmony. The transcendental movement of the early 19th century included varied thinkers and artists, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau being two of the best known, but embracing Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Lane, Walt Whitman, Margaret Fuller, William Henry Furness, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, and many others. Ventures included the utopian communities of Brook Farm and Fruitlands, Thoreau's experiment at Walden, and publications ranging from sermons to pamphlets to books to the journal The Dial. Meanwhile, detractors such as Mark Twain and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote memorable satires of the movement. Beginning with any of these figures or writings, adaptations of author's works, biographical pieces exploring their lives, or works inspired by their aspirations are all welcome.

The annual festival is a co-production of Metropolitan Playhouse and the participating artists. Metropolitan will curate, host, and promote the festival, while the participants will create and perform the plays in the festival. There is no fee for submission or participation, though costs of rehearsal, costuming, and equipage are born by the participants. Proceeds will be divided evenly between Metropolitan and the participants.

Submissions are welcome from individual artists and performance companies alike. Co-producers will take responsibility for conceiving and creating their contribution to the festival, with use of Metropolitan's space and physical resources. Metropolitan will coordinate and promote the festival as a part of its 24th Season.

Submissions may be solo-performances, one-acts, or full length performances (though none longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes). There are no restrictions concerning style. Adaptations, biographies, fantasies, and treatises, as well as song/poetry/dance cycles will all be considered. Selection by Metropolitan Playhouse will be based on artistic quality, feasibility of production, relationship to literature and lives of the Transcendental movement, and suitability for the venue.

No scripts alone! Please note, we are seeking submissions of performances which we will present. We are NOT seeking scripts for Metropolitan to produce. We will not provide directors or actors for productions.


Submissions will be accepted by e-mail or snail mail.
E-mail submissions MUST be pdf documents (all others will be discarded unopened).

Include in submissions:
Cover sheet with
Name of Company/Artist taking responsibility for producing the work

Project Title
Author, Person, or Subject who inspired the work (and specific titles of inspiring works, as applicable)
Performance Length (Max. 1 hr, 45 min. This is extremely important for scheduling.)

Contact Person
Telephone Contact
E-mail Contact
Project narrative of no more than 2 pages
Key artist biographies and, if applicable, company history
Sample text (may be the script for the proposed performance or a comparable work by the key artist(s))

Submission Deadline: September 30 , 2015

Mail to:
Metropolitan Playhouse
220 E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10009
Attn: Living Literature

E-mail to:

Metropolitan will invite collaborators to be a part of the festival within two weeks of submission deadline.

Contact Alex Roe at (212) 995-8410 or

Reva Shiner Comedy Award

web site

Guidelines for Submission

The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. 

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2016-17 Reva Shiner Comedy Award (deadline Oct. 31, 2015). The top 10 finalists and the winner of the 2016-17 Reva Shiner Comedy Award will be announced at the end of March 2016.
  • "Full-length" plays will have a complete running time of between 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) to 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes).
  • Plays submitted must be unpublished at the time of submission. Plays that have received developmental readings, workshop productions, or productions at small theatre companies are acceptable. No scripts with previous productions at major regional theaters will be accepted. Once entered, subsequent activity does not change the acceptability of the script.
  • Each submission must include a synopsis (1 page or less) including the cast size. A separate page should include a brief bio of the playwright, and production/development history if applicable.
  • Each submission must include a cover letter with contact information and a $10.00 reader fee. Agent submissions require no fee. The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. 

Make sure to note with your submission that you have paid the reader fee online.
It is preferable for musicals to include a demo CD. The complete score is not necessary but may be included. All plays are read by BPP's literary personnel led by and including the Literary Manager and Artistic Director.

We do not accept e-mail submissions. Scripts will not be returned. Blind submissions are not necessary. Please include all contact information. Plays submitted in previous years will be accepted.
The BPP reserves the right not to name a winner and/or name a winner but not commit to a reading or production.
Send to:
Reva Shiner Comedy Award
Bloomington Playwrights Project
107 W. 9th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
Scripts must be postmarked by October 31, 2015, and received no later than November 10, 2015. We are not responsible for postal delays, and recommend you not choose to send Media Mail unless you are submitting several weeks in advance.
For further information, write BPP, Attn: Literary Manager, 107 W. 9th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404. For faster replies, please e-mail us at

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The Secret Theater’s Flying Solo Festival

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Festival Dates: Oct 28th - Nov 1 , 2015

Call for Submissions for Flying Solo 3!

APPLY HERE: Flying Solo 3 Application

READ THIS FIRST : We can accept all shows from short 10- 20 shows that are workshopping to fully fledged 60minute finished pieces. We will consider previously produced shows if you believe that you will attract an audience. Our criteria is that the show is good and deserves a platform.

What is Flying Solo?
Flying Solo is a festival of solo shows that doesn't charge participation or submissions fees. That's right - NO FEE - Cheaper and better than the rest. Seriously.

Flying Solo doesn't ask for any rights, royalties or residual payments
Flying Solo is presented in the Secret Theatre's 99 seat house.
We can accept shows that have premiered or even in workshop mode - apply first and we'll talk. We'll only refuse a show that has prior if we both feel its gonna be hard to get an audience. [for us and you this is not a good scene!]
Preferential consideration given to students of Go Solo or Flying Solo alumni
If your show is 'on book' or very short [20 mins or less] you may be invited to participate in a showcase show of multiple shows. If your show is 30 - 60 mins then you will either be asked to do a stand-alone or a double bill.
Flying Solo presents a $250 CASH PRIZE to the audience vote winner along with a tacky award.
In addition to the CASH PRIZE! there will be a door split too at 50/50% after the first 11 tickets! Therefore if we sell 40 tickets you will make $260! If we sell 60 tickets you make $440! not bad huh?
Sellout and you'll make $791 hey then if you win add $250 thats $1041 freakin dollars boy! We won't add the tacky award to this since it has no value whatsoever APART FROM BRAGGING RIGHTS! 

All from one Show??? You bet your sweet aspercreme!
Plus we provide a tech/lighting designer/Board op for your run!
Lastly we would accept shows that have already appeared in Flying Solo if you and we both feel that it will find an audience.
We have already received submissions! What are you waiting for? To be discovered?!? That can happen at the Secret!

No fee to submit or produce.

We supply all the basic production elements needed to support a new work – a stage, a small crew, box office and lobby staff, great sound and lights.

You supply a great show and invite audience members
$250 Cash Prize for Best Show


We accept all shows from 10 minutes to 6o minutes
Finished 6o minute shows are offered either a stand alone or double bill slot. Shows of longer than 30 and not more than 60 minute get one hours tech per show.
Short shows of 20 mins or less are accepted but will be presented as part of a multi-show showcase. Up to 6 shows but tech requirements must be minimal due to the between show change over.
Dedicated Tech/Lighting person assigned for entire run/all shows.
Submit via our dedicated form

Submission deadline : Sept 21st – please submit as soon as possible. We have space for around 16 shows and already have 7 submissions on hand.

Please email submissions to:

Selected shows will be presented Oct 28 – Nov 1 at the Secret Theatre.

The Secret Theatre is located at 44-02 23rd St, Long Island City, NYC 11101

Between Us Productions is seeking full-length plays

web site

Between Us Productions is seeking full-length plays by emerging artists for their 2015-2016 season. Plays must be about or related to socio-political issues. Plays should be between 1 and 2 1/2 hours. To submit, please email a summary of your play (including the socio-political issue it deals with) and the full play to

Check out our website at:
or you can check us out on Facebook and twitter.

University of Houston 10-Minute Play Festival Call for Submissions

web site

The University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance is excited to announce our second annual 10-Minute Play Festival for spring of 2016. We will begin accepting submissions for this festival on July 1, 2015; the submission period closes on September15, 2015. Nine selected 10-minute plays will receive productions as part of a multi-evening festival, produced in the newly upgraded José Quintero Theatre on the University of Houston campus. This festival is open to all applicants, amateur or professional.

Submission rules:

  • Scripts will only be accepted during a submission window of July 1 through September 15, 2015. Scripts received outside this window will not be accepted. The list of winning plays will be announced in November.
  • We will accept only one play per playwright.
  • Scripts should fall in the range of 8-12 pages and run roughly ten minutes. (Page count does not include the title page.)
  • Characters in submitted plays should fall between the ages of 16-30 or else there should be no specific restrictions on the ages of the characters.
  • Previously produced plays are not eligible.
  • Musicals and plays for children are discouraged.
  • Submissions will be acknowledged via email, but we do not offer critiques.
  • Nine winning plays will receive productions in the José Quintero Theatre at the University of Houston in spring of 2015.
  • There is no financial compensation for winning entries.

How to submit:

Plays must be submitted via email. There should be no identifiable information in the script.Your email should include all of the following information:

  • play title
  • your name
  • your mailing address
  • your phone number
  • your email address

Email play to:

Monday, August 31, 2015

Stage Left Theater call for 1-minute plays for Fast & Furious

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Stage Left Theater, of Spokane, WA, is pleased to announce its call for 1-minute scripts for Fast & Furious, a staged reading of really short plays, in February 2016.

*What? 1-minute plays (2 page maximum for dialogues, 1 page maximum for monologues)
*Two scripts maximum.
*All genres welcome (no children’s plays or musicals)
*Playwrights can be from anywhere, but plays must be in English.
*Standard play format preferred.
*There are no restrictions on content, but our audiences prefer more PG-13 fare.
*Cast size, no restrictions
*Deadline: November 1, 2015
Notification: January

Submission procedure: 
1. Fill out the submission form at
2. Send the full script with your contact information and character breakdown. Include all the information in one document. The document should be labeled the play’s name_your last name (i.e. Hamlet_Shakespeare).
3. E-mail your script as a Microsoft Word document or PDF to The subject line should include Fast & Furious Submission  and the title of the play.
4. Include your name and email address in the body of your email.
Fee? None. No payment to writers as this is an all-volunteer event.
Questions? Contact Fast & Furious coordinator Sandra Hosking at

Thank you and we look forward to reading your work.

Exquisite Corpse Company is seeking playwrights for its 2015 Fall Writers’ Lab

web site

The Lab is an intensive, designed to create a safe space for playwrights to come together, experiment, and inspire each other to create new and refreshing work that departs from what writers might be more inclined to write on their own. The Lab will be led by ECC Literary Director, Blake Bishton.

After voting and agreeing on a theme that gets everyone's creative juices flowing at the initial meeting, writers will begin to receive and submit prompts. The group will use these prompts as jumping off points for the work they create. All writers will be expected to produce approximately 10 pages of work a week. The goal is for every writer to have a draft of a new short one-act play by the end of the process.

At the conclusion of the lab, ECC will produce a public reading of each play as part of ECC's Drinks and Drama Reading Series. This 4 week series features a different Brooklyn bar as a setting for each reading!

Writer’s Lab meets on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons from September 22nd - October 13th. Drinks & Drama will run on Tuesday evenings from October 27th - November 17th.

Exquisite Corpse Company is a Brooklyn-based, performance and integrated arts company. ECC focuses both on promoting the work of women within the theatre - on or off stage - and on creating pieces that integrate other creative mediums. For more about the company, please visit:

To submit, please send us a resumé and a sample of your writing approximately 10 pages in length. This can be taken from a larger work, or be a stand alone piece.

Deadline for submissions is September 7, 2015.

For more information or to submit, please email

We look forward to reading your submissions!

The Bechdel Fest

(No web site)

The Bechdel Fest is a celebration of stories about women, utilizing the famous Bechdel Test (for more info on the Bechdel Test, visit

Ampersand Artists is seeking new 10-minute plays that feature:
(1) At least 2 female characters*,
(2) Who talk to each other,
(3) And speak about something other than a man,
(4) And that has a “Yes, and…” moment that changes the course of the story.

*May also have more than 2 female characters and may also include a few male characters.

This evening of plays will likely be performed in a bar, café, or small black box space, so please keep the focus on the story and not on technical demands.

Submission deadline: September 1st
Performances will be in mid/late-October

Send submissions to:
Be sure to include contact information, character descriptions, and please edit your script for spelling and grammar.

Every submission will be read thoroughly and respected. If you have interests beyond writing (directing, acting, design, producing), please let us know!

11TH InspiraTO Playwriting Contest

web site

Full details (no fee, open to all):


Please read the full details below before applying.

1.This year's creative challenge: Shift. The play must show that a "shift" has taken place or is about to take place in the play.

shift: Move from one place to another, especially over a small distance. Change positions. Adjust. Correct. Lift. Land, people, buildings, structures or objects repositioned. Distruption. Swerve. Pivot.

Show us.

Leave your comfort zone.

2. The play must be a ten-minute play. The contest is open to anyone without geographic or age restrictions. You must submit online. Please fill out the submission form below and submit your play by December 1, 2015. There are no fees. Once you submit you will be taken to a page confirming that we have received your submission. You may only submit one play.

The story can be a comedy, a drama, a parody, absurd or anything in between (in English only). We accept any style except musicals.

The cover page should have the title of the play, the playwright's name and the list of characters. The pages should be numbered. The format should be easy to read. We accept previously produced plays (but not plays that have produced in InspiraTO before). The playwright must own the rights to the play up to June 12, 2016 (i.e. the script cannot be owned by a publisher).

We are particularly interested in scripts that aren't afraid to make bold choices: quality writing backed by imaginative staging. Only those playwrights whose plays have been selected will be notified by January 15, 2016.

The plays will be selected by a committee from the Toronto theatre community. If selected, your play will be performed in Toronto, Canada from June 2 - June 12, 2016. Between ten to eighteen, ten-minute plays will be selected and performed. 1st Prize: $500 CDN. Should your play be selected for inclusion in the festival, you are giving the non-exclusive right to Theatre InspiraTO to produce and perform the play in the 11th Annual InspiraTO Festival in Toronto (Canada's largest ten-minute play festival), in the June 2016. The InspiraTO Festival will find the cast, crew and market your play. Authors retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.

3. The submission must be a play. A ten-minute play is distinct from a sketch, or a skit; it is a compact play, with a beginning, middle and an end. You need a character facing obstacles in pursuit of some specific goal. You need rising action, conflict, and a climactic moment and your play must tell a complete story.

Generally speaking, scripts (including the stage directions, character names and dialogue) that are over 1,900 words are more than ten minutes long on stage. This does not mean that all plays under 1,900 words are under ten minutes, so be wise: use Word Count and read the play out loud while timing the length (including all pauses). You don't want your hard work rejected because it was too long.

Get inspired. See your story come to life!

Must submit plays online at

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The October Event Manhattan Repertory Theatre

web site

Seeking never produced before original short 1 ACT PLAYS (7 minutes to 20 minutes)
(cast, directed and ready to perform)
(2 minutes to 20 minutes in length) for:

OCTOBER 13 - OCTOBER 23, 2015
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre,
303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

We are looking for passionate playwright/producers and choreographers from the Tri-State area who wish to participate and try out a new short play or dance piece in front of a live audience. We are looking for NEW short plays and dance pieces, never produced before,cast, directed, choreographed, off book, put on their feet and manifested for the first time from playwright/producers in the Tri-State area.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only accepting 1 act productions and dance pieces from the TRI-STATE area. As part of our Community producing program we are offering this EVENT program as a service to playwright/producers and choreographers in the TRI-STATE AREA. This is an opportunity to bring your NEW short 1 act play or dance piece to life! THERE IS NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, NO SUBMISSION FEE, NO PARTICIPATION FEE or any Manhattan Rep based Fees. (IT'S FREE!!!)


We will supply a technician to run your sound and lights for your production. And again, there is no fee to participate.

Please know this Event is NON-EQUITY ONLY.

To submit your NEW, never produced before short 1 act play production or dance piece, please email:
  • The complete play or synopsis of the dance piece,
  • a synopsis of the play,
  • the running time of the play or dance piece,
  • the set and lighting requirements, 
  • the play or dance piecesʼs history (workshops, readings if any, when it was written)
  • your mailing address,
  • and a creative team leader contact email address to:

by September 20, 2015 at Midnight.

Please put "THE OCTOBER EVENT" in the subject heading.

1 act play productions and DANCE performances will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.

(The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted.) If we fill up all production slots early on, we will end submissions earlier than September 20, 2015. Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance. Again, there are no Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees of any kind.

If you have any questions about THE OCTOBER EVENT please drop us a line at:

Playwrights and Artists Festival 2015 ~ Binghamton, NY

web site

When we look at a piece of art each person has a different interpretation of what they see. That is the beauty of art and the challenge to our playwrights. Each year we take three works of art and ask writers to write a play as they are moved or inspired by the artwork. We blind-read the submissions, select the best and produce them. The art is exhibited, we perform the play and ask the audience for feedback. It is our annual mixed media event that draws inquisitive art and theatre lovers to KNOW. Come join us.

As in previous years there will be 3 plays chosen for each artwork. Those chosen will need to be present for one of the performances. In person is highly preferable but we do understand monetary constraints and do not want to discourage our far away writers from participating. We have in the past used skype for playwrights to both watch their play and participate in the talk back. As always is the case the experience is best in person but we are an understanding lot.

So we look forward to seeing your submissions and wish you all the best of luck!

Please submit plays to subject should be “playwrights festival submissions”

Please include a front page with name and title (which will be removed upon sending to adjudicators). Please ONLY put your name at the front of the script as we are trying to keep the submissions anonymous for the adjudication process. And please indicate what piece of artwork you were inspired by.

November dates are TBA. All performances are at 8 pm.

*The deadline for play submissions is August 31 at midnight. There will be no exceptions. Plays will then be sent to be adjudicated and those chosen will have some time for tweaking if needed.*

Criteria for Playwright Submissions are:
  1. Play must be inspired by one of the artworks.
  2. Play length is limited to 15-20 minutes maximum (no exceptions).
  3. Cast size no greater than 5 characters. Set should be implied
  4. Playwright, if chosen, must be available to attend performances.

Tales from the Script

web site


Please consider the following guidelines for Därkhorse Drämatists “Tales from the Script”! It’s important to note, that while we favor newer plays, this festival is not limited to original work. Your submissions may have been produced at other venues, so long as it is unpublished and wasn’t featured in last year’s festival. Besides one-act plays, we are also looking for 1-person shorts & monologues. Please refer to the guidelines below.

One-acts: 25 page maximum / 10 page minimum. (No minimum page count for 1 person shorts or monologues). No exceedingly violent or pornographic material. Adult language allowed within reason.

Plays may have a maximum of 3-4 characters and should take place in a limited setting and minimal props.

2 submissions allowed per playwright.

Playwright must provide contact information including their location and previous production history of the play where applicable. Regional playwrights are given first consideration.

Submissions preferred in stageplay format. E-mailed no later than September 1st to:

Plays can be any genre; comedy, satirical, farce, drama, horror or gothic as long as they fall into a loose ‘Halloween theme’. No musicals or murder mysteries please.

Plays will be mediated in a forum comprised of local playwrights, directors and actors to determine which will be produced.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition

web site

Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition was developed to support American Playwrights. The competition is not merely a competition of words, but a venue for recognition and a demonstration of appreciation - truly a celebration of the writer's contribution. SFPA and many other theatre companies around the country with similar programs, support playwrights and ensure the future of American Theatre. Without the writers, the actors would have nothing to say.

Submissions are limited to unproduced new American plays and must be postmarked by the first of September of each year. 

Send play synopsis and character break-down via email

or mail to: Santa Fe Performing Arts P.O. Box 22372 Santa Fe, N.M. 87502. 

Full scripts upon request only.

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest

web site

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting furthers the Company’s mission to identify, acknowledge and award excellence in short form dramatic writing. Known for developing and producing ten-minute works by established talents and promising new voices, City Theatre will select up to twenty-five plays from among its annual Contest submissions for special recognition. The National Award is valued at $2,000: the Winning Play will be produced in the annual Summer Shorts festival; the Winning Playwrightwill earn royalties, a cash prize of $1,000 and be invited to Miami for the festival. Finalists are awarded a certificate, and invited to Miami to attend the CityWrights Weekend for Playwrights (fee waived) and hear a reading of their Finalist Script (*subject to scheduling).

The Summer Shorts Festival is produced annually in Miami during the month of June. Not every play in Summer Shorts is a contest Finalist. Finalist plays are not guaranteed City Theatre productions, but receive preferred consideration in the current or future Summer Shorts festivals, and/or other City Theatre programming, including Summer Shorts, Shorts Gone Wild, Shorts 4 Kids, and its Readings Series. Winner and Finalists’ plays are also submitted to the annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival Contest.

City Theatre Play Submissions Rules and Information.

City Theatre is looking for wonderful short plays (ten minutes) for Summer Shorts and other programming. Having produced hundreds of plays, we want scripts that are lively and timely, hilarious and provocative, poignant and surprising. We look for plays that span style and genre. We will consider bilingual scripts and ten-minute musicals. We have no restriction on the age range of the characters. In other words, we are seeking compelling plays that rise above the ordinary.

Please review the criteria thoroughly before sending your submission.

Plays will be accepted yearly from August 30th – September 30th.

Scripts won’t be considered sooner or later!

Playwrights can submit only one script – send us your best!

No scripts will be returned – save postage by submitting electronically. No SASE required.

Each script must be no more than ten pages long. We start counting when the actual play begins.

Electronic submissions can be sent via as a PDF and must include contact info, synopsis, and bio and production history. Mailed manuscripts must be typed and individually bound or stapled. Title page must include contact info, synopsis, and bio and production history.

Previously submitted plays, children’s shows, longer one-acts or full-length plays won’t be accepted or returned.

City Theatre will consider previously produced works with a production history included with submission.

The volume of scripts submitted prevents us from providing feedback or criticism.

NOTE: City Theatre will only contact playwrights with scripts the company considers for the National Award for Short Playwriting Contest, or we are interested in producing in its various programming. ONLY those playwrights will be contacted in February-March by e-mail or a phone call.

Deadline for Submission Must be Postmarked or submitted
electronically to Literary Manager by September 30th, 2015.

Submit your play electronically: to Literary Manager (when available in the future), or cut and paste the link to your browser:
http://www. (when available in the future)

*NOTE: This is a 2 step process.The 1st link will take you to a page to confirm your e-mail address (this is step one). Once you have confirm your email, Literary Manager will send you an e-mail with a submission link (which has your email address included in the link, this is step two). Use this link to submit your play.

Please submit script saved as a PDF.

For questions email


Mail Submissions to:
Susan Westfall,
Literary Director / City Theatre, 444 Brickell Ave., Suite 229, Miami, Fl 33131
or submit your play electronically through our website and clicking on Play Submissions and using LiteraryManager. Please submit script saved as a PDF.

For questions email

Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2016

web site

Sundog Theatre in NYC is seeking one-act plays for “Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2016”

This is Sundog Theatre’s 14th annual presentation of original, short one-act plays about our favorite boats, the Staten Island Ferries.


--Submit original plays not previously produced or published, with a signed note affirming that.

--Plays should be 10-25 minutes long and have their setting on the Staten Island Ferry.

--Plays should be contemporary, involve 2-3 characters and require no special set pieces other than benches or railings found on the Ferry, limited and easily accessible props, and no special sound or lighting requirements.

-- Avoid overt and unnecessary sexual/violence situations and offensive language since we cater to a broad audience.

-- No musicals, long monologues, poetry, or verse since plays are memorized by actors in a short time.

-- As in life, humor is good.

Remuneration: Six authors will receive $100 each and be produced in our series of eight March 2016 performances in Staten Island.


--Please send two copies, bound or stapled, blind submission (removable cover page with title, author and contacts) to Sundog Theatre, “Scenes 2016” PO Box 183, Staten Island, NY 10301).

--Submissions should include brief synopsis, play history, a 70-word bio and also resume of the author.

--Should be postmarked from now until no later than December 1, 2015.

--Do not submit plays electronically.

--Questions: Susan Fenley, Producer

Notification: Playwrights of selected plays will be contacted directly and their names listed on Sundog’s website early 2016.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jonathan Larson Grants

web site

Application Guidelines 2016

The application deadline for the 2016 grants is Tuesday, October 13th.

General Criteria

The Jonathan Larson Grants are intended to honor and recognize emerging musical theatre artists. Composers, lyricists, and librettists who work in musical theatre are the focus of the grants. ATW is committed to serving artists who are creating new, fully producible works for the theatre, and advancing the art form. The grants do not honor a specific piece or project.

Grant awards are based on merit, and are intended for those artists with a demonstrated commitment and dedication to a career in musical theatre. Further, the grants are not intended to be scholarships, and artists applying for grants should be working professionally in the field.

Applications are accepted in the following areas:

Individuals may apply as lyricists, composers, librettists, or any combination of the three.

Collaborative teams may apply together as composer, lyricist, and/or librettist, or any combination of the three. Collaborators who work together regularly are strongly encouraged to apply as a team. If your collaborative team has more than three individuals, please contact the ATW offices.

United States citizenship is not a requirement to receive the grant, but you must be eligible to work in the U.S. and reside/work here on at least a part-time basis and submitted work should be predominately in English.
Artists may apply only once per grant cycle. You may not apply as part of a team and as an individual applicant.

Prior Jonathan Larson Grant Recipients are not eligible.

(Applications that do not adhere to these general criteria will not be considered)
Required Materials – Applicants must submit the following through our online portal to be considered.

Completed Application Forms, including:
General Information
Artistic Statement— on the form provided, describe your achievements and goals for your career as a creative artist or collaborative team (one per application). Please do not make specific monetary requests as part of the application.
Creative Curriculum Vitae—productions/workshops/readings, educational history, and including list of awards (one for each applicant or each member of a team, please submit multiple CVs in one, combined .pdf or .doc file).

Comprehensive Work Sample List—a list of all the song and libretto selections with authorship information. Work samples are only required in accordance with your application focus. For instance, if you are applying as a composer only, please only submit music, and dramatic context for the song. Do not submit a book or lyrics for adjudication. The same would be true if you were applying as a lyricist or book writer, only submit samples for the area or areas for which you wish to be considered.Once you have completed the Work Sample list, you will have the opportunity to upload your material.
Libretto—Please submit one-act only of a musical book (or if your work does not have a traditional act-break, an excerpt of 60 pages or less). .pdf format is preferred. You may start your libretto with a 1-page synopsis of the show in its entirety.
Audio Files/Song Selections—upload selected songs (accepted formats include MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC (M4A) and FLAC). Select individual tracks and pieces that reflect your best work.
Dramatic Context/ Lyric Sheets—describe the dramatic context and provide the lyrics for each song selection

Applicants may provide a letter of support/recommendation from theatre artists or educators.

About Selecting Work Samples:
Regardless, if you work creatively in all three disciplines (music, lyrics, and book) or you are applying as a collaborative team, you should submit combined work samples that represent the full range of your work. For example, Jonathan Larson might have submitted one application that included three song selections from Rent, two song selections from Tick, Tick…Boom!, and the book of Act II from Rent. Please do not submit a recording of an entire act or production. Select individual tracks and pieces that reflect your best work.

The Jonathan Larson Grants are intended to honor and recognize emerging musical theatre writers. We are aware that artists work in multiple disciplines; and while it is not necessary that you only work in musical theatre, selections of representative work submitted for the grant must be for musical theatre. Applications submitting oratorios, operas, symphonic scores, or film scores will not be considered.

Adapted Works: Should you choose to submit selections from work which is adapted from an existing work, you must provide proof of rights for that adaptation as part of your application.

Online Application

The Fine Arts Association seeks 10-minute plays

The Fine Arts Association will once again showcase original, never been published 10-minute plays. Those chosen will be fully produced as part of the 20th Annual One Act Festival —The Originals in April 2016 at The Fine Arts Association.

Submissions of original ten-minute plays will be accepted beginning August 1, 2015.
Submission deadline is Thursday, October 1, 2015.

NEW THIS YEAR: Up to TWO 10-minute submissions will be accepted per playwright.

The number of plays to be produced will be at The Fine Arts Association’s discretion and will depend on the mix of qualified submissions. Original plays accepted for the Festival will be announced between January 8-18, 2016. The plays selected will be given full production within the capabilities and budget of The Fine Arts Association. There will be no monetary stipend for plays used in the Festival. There are no submission fees for this Festival.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Playwrights Festival 2016 Seeks Submissions

web site

Playwrights Festival 2016 Seeks Submissions- 2015-2016 Season of the Theatre and Dance Department

Deadline for submission: November 20, 2015
Festival dates: May 2016 in the NUMMI theatre in the Smith Center at Ohlone College
Submission Guidelines
Plays must be world premieres.
Plays must be 10 minutes in length.
2 out of every 3 characters should be of college age (18-26). We seek plays that speak to and from an 18-26 year old male or female perspective in a diverse society.
The plays do not have to take place in a college setting.
All plays chosen will receive a fully produced production by Ohlone’s Student Repertory Theatre Company.

Financial arrangements: No fee for submissions. Playwrights will receive royalties if their plays are chosen for the festival.

Notifications: Playwrights will be notified by February 2016.

Submissions can be emailed to Michael Navarra at

* Please include your bio, short character descriptions, and a brief synopsis of the play. (Submissions must be in PDF form.)

Write the First Season of a Web Series

“Web Therapy”, “Very Mary-Kate”, and “Broad City” are just three hilarious examples of successful web series: short-form programming created especially for the internet and designed with the immediacy of the audience in mind. This digital marriage of screen and television writing is a platform for writers to do what they want, unrestricted by producers or censors and uniquely positioned to go viral.

Instructor: Adam Szymkowicz (Writer, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," the web series "Compulsive Love")
Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Starts September 29
Over the course of this 10-week class, our studios will transform into a TV writer’s room as you develop the first season of your very own dramatic or comedic web series. In ten weeks, you’ll pitch, outline, and write an 8-episode series that will be ready to shoot.

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email

YonderSpeak Theatre Co. 10-Minute Play Call for Submissions

web site

YonderSpeak in alliance with the Shippensburg University Dept. of Music and Theatre Arts is looking to celebrate unique voices from the Appalachian Region in a night of Theatre and Reception - Spring 2016. YonderSpeak Theatre Co. goal is to create a space to promote new works and emerging playwrights. We are looking for scripts that bold and invigorating.


- Plays must be between 10-15 minutes in length.
- Playwright must reside in one of the 13 Appalachian regional states: (New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.)
- Setting should be simple or suggested (easily performed on an open platform/cabaret stage)
- NOTE: Script setting does not have to be tied to Appalachia.
- Cast Size Maximum: 6
- Submission Deadline: November 27, 2015.

Submissions should include:

- Your name, contact info, mailing address
- A title page
- Brief synopsis including setting and character breakdown.
- Playwright Bio (100 words or less)

How to submit your play:

Electronic submissions only.

Submit your full script as an email attachment (PDF preferred to bypass any technical issues) to: yonderspeak@outlookcom

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


web site

Two Muses Theatre of West Bloomfield is excited to announce the return of its wildly successful Women’s Playwriting Festival. After delighting packed houses last year, we are thrilled to bring the festival back and are looking for more wonderful plays by female writers.

This year the festival will be limited to 10 minute plays. Ten minutes is not a suggestion, but a requirement. Please note plays that run over ten minutes will be edited by our resident dramaturge if necessary. Conversations will be made to confirm edits, but it is highly encouraged that you read your play aloud with friends and time it.

Playwrights will not receive compensation but they will receive a fully staged, off -book production directed by a local female director. Audiences and judges will also vote on awards which will be mailed to winning playwrights. There is an option to have audience, director, and actor feedback if desired.

Plays will be performed January 22-24, 2016 at Two Muses Theatre in West Bloomfield, MI. Attendance is not required, but recommended for those interested in seeing their work staged by working actors and directors.


To submit: Please email the project manager at Please title the email: Women’s Play Fest: (Author’s Last Name, Play Title). In the body of the email please include your name, address, phone number and a brief but detailed synopsis of the play. Please attach the script as a PDF or Word Doc.

Deadline to submit is Sept 14, 2015 at 11:59pm.

Winners will be notified sometime in October. Please note that our festival staff is small so confirmation emails may take some time to go out. We appreciate your patience. Please visit for more info about our theatre.

Take Ten Festival

web site

Between Us Productions is looking for ten minute plays for its annual Take Ten Festival, going up April or May 2016. In this festival 16 plays compete for the titles of best play, best director, best actor, and best actress. All awards come with cash prizes and the winner of best play will have a workshop of a longer one act produced by Between Us Productions in summer 2016. There is no submission fee, but there is a $150 participation fee if you're selected. Please note, this is a self-producing festival. Between Us Productions will provide a performance space (at least 2 performances, could be up to 4), tech time in the space, and general festival marketing.

This is a great opportunity to get your work out there in Manhattan. Additionally, Between Us Productions has continued to collaborate with Take Ten playwrights, including its last full-length production at Theatre Row, The Fairer Sex, by a former Take Ten winner.

Plays must be no longer than 10 minutes and can be of any genre and subject matter. Please email all submissions to by September 20, 2015.

New American Voices Play Reading Series

web site

The Landing Theatre Company invites you to submit to their fifth annual New American Voices Play Reading Series

Submissions will be accepted August 1-September 30, 2015
The 2015 New American Voices Play Reading Series will be presented April 22-24, 2016

Play Submissions

The Landing Theatre Company is now accepting full-length plays for the 2016 New American Play Reading Series in Houston, Texas. Four plays will be selected for staged readings directed and performed by professional local talent. Selected playwrights must attend the readings in Houston. A $100 reward will be granted to each of the 4 winning playwrights. Playwrights must cover their own travel expenses.


There are no fees for submitting. Submit the play via the play submission form online at!submissions/c59z


Selected playwrights must attend the festival.

 Each playwright will be paired with a local director prior to the festival to prepare for the event.

 Directors will cast each play prior to the festival.

 Each production will receive at least two rehearsals prior to the official reading.

 One rehearsal will be scheduled when the playwright can attend.

 The play will then be read in front of an audience, with a moderated discussion of the play afterwards.

Play submissions must meet the following criteria:

 Playwright must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States of America.

 Play must not have been produced.

 Play must not have had a public reading in the Houston area.

 Submission must be received on or before September 30th.

 Submission must be a minimum of 30 pages long and have a minimum run time of 45 minutes.

 Submission must be in .doc, .pdf or .rtf format.

 Plays are given blind reads, so there should be no playwright identifiers anywhere on the script.

 Your name and/or contact information should only be in the email.

 Only one play per playwright per submission period.

 No musicals, children's plays, or one-person plays.

 Playwrights will only be notified if your play is selected.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Four Quarter Theater-TRANSITIONS

web site

Four Quarter Theater involves theatrical writers, directors, and actors in collaboration to develop and to workshop previously unproduced ten-minute works. In each quarter of the year, and aligning with the seasons, Four Quarter Theater aims to produce a new set of ten-minute works. Each season is framed around a theme, which relates to the season in which the quarter falls.

Four Quarter Theater is currently accepting 10 minute plays for Four Quarter Theater’s upcoming play series. The theme for our upcoming Fall series is TRANSITIONS. The theme is open to artistic interpretation and is provided as a thematic framework to guide the playwright. Below please find our submission requirements and additional guidance to successfully submit your piece to Four Quarter Theater. We are currently accepting submissions until September 7, 2015.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Play Selection Committee Chair, Dana Trottier, at For more information, please collaborate with us at Four Quarter Theater.

Submission Requirements

§ Only original and never before produced plays are eligible for consideration.

§ The play must be presentable in ten minutes (generally between seven to ten pages of dialogue).

§ Cast should not exceed 5 actors.

§ The performance will be held on October 23rd at The Drama League Theater Center. The format of the performance will be staged readings.

§ There is a submission limit of three plays. Plays not chosen for this quarter may be considered for future series if considered by the company to be theme appropriate.

§ Please do not submit first drafts. Due to the number of submissions, Four Quarter Theater can only read any play one time. Please submit the best and final version of your play for consideration.

§ Submissions should include two separate PDF documents: 1) cover letter 2) script of play.

§ Submissions are accepted electronically only at and our current deadline for submissions is September 7, 2015.

Cover Letter

§ Title, author’s name, address, phone number, email address.

§ Cover letter is the only document that the playwright’s name should appear on.

§ A description of the play that is no more than ½ page in length—this need not be a summary, but may include description of the play’s world, the characters, the conflict, reason for writing the piece, connection to series theme, etc.


§ Playwright’s name should not appear anywhere on the actual script document.

§ Title and page number must appear at the top of each page of the script.

§ Title page should include at least the title, cast of characters, time and place.

§ Script should be approximately 7 to 12 pages not including title page and include completed dialogue as plays cannot be edited after submission.

Selection of Plays

The play selection process is conducted by the Play Selection Committee. Plays are read blindly and at no time during the selection process will the playwright’s name be directly associated with the submitted script. As many as six plays are selected each series (approximately 4 times a year).

Four Quarter Theater is committed to highlighting work of emerging artists. There is no financial compensation for entries, nor is any financial commitment required by the playwright.

National Playwright Residency Program Application — 2016 Round

web site

Application Deadline: September 15, 2015
Three-year residences to commence in July 2016

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, in collaboration with Howlround, A Center for the Theater Commons at Emerson College, established the National Playwright Residency Program (NPRP) in 2013. The pilot round, which was on an invitation-only basis, has provided three years of salary, benefits, and a flexible research and development fund for American playwrights at 14 selected theaters. The goals of the program are to:
Advance the state of playwrights in the American theater by providing them with space, time, and resources, and greater access to the institutions in which they work;
Influence the working environment of theaters by embedding playwrights in them;
Generate public value through the interaction of playwrights with local artistic and civic communities;
Document and disseminate the findings to help benefit the field.

Residencies for the next round will be selected through an open application process. To apply, theaters and artists must apply jointly and submit letters of intent from the playwright and artistic director, together with other specified materials to demonstrate eligibility and potential to achieve the goals of the program. The basic structure of the program will remain the same, with artist compensation and benefits covered by grant funds based on the salary structure of the host institution. Resident playwrights would also receive $30,000 in discretionary development funds and opportunities for developmental workshops at ArtsEmerson, and theaters would receive funds to support administrative expenses associated with hosting the residency, based on a percentage of the grant, not to exceed $30,000.

The application must be received no later than September 15, 2015. A peer review panel will recommend a group of potential theater and playwright partners for consideration, and the Foundation will then issue invitations for them to submit supplemental materials to complete the application. If approved, residencies could commence as of July 1, 2016.

As you consider whether you wish to apply, we have listed below the minimum requirements for eligibility. If both playwright and theater meet these criteria and you wish to apply for a residency grant, please refer to the submission guidelines in the link below.

US-based 501(c)(3) with a minimum of five years in operation
Full-time staff of at least two paid employees
Minimum operating budget of $300,000 (an average of the past three years)
Demonstrated capacity to manage payroll and benefits processes
Must have produced at least one play by the partner playwright
Commitment to produce at least one play by the playwright during the grant period

Residency in the same city or town of the theater and commitment to remain there for the full three years
At least two plays given professional productions — with one at the co-applicant theater

Only one application per playwright and theater allowed; both parties must apply together
Agreement to attend two convenings during the residency
Commitment to establishing and carrying through a plan for documentation of the residency
May not have participated in the previous round of the NPRP



web site


Acme Theater of Maynard, MA is proud to announce that it is now accepting submissions for our 15th annual New Works Winter Festival. The festival will be performed over two weekends in January 2016. Selected plays will be divided into two festival tracks and will be performed once per weekend. At the conclusion of each festival track, one playwright will be awarded the audience choice award, known as "The Charlie".

Submission Guidelines:
1) Scripts must be limited to a length of ten (10) pages or less in standard script format and be able to be legitimately performed in 10 minutes. Please keep type sizes at 10 pts or greater, double spaced, and leave some margin space.
2) Maximum submission limit of ONE (1) play per playwright.
3) Any subject matter welcome. Comedy or drama. Please no overuse of strong language.
4) Plays may have already been produced elsewhere, but any published works will not be considered.
5) Your script will be limited to the use of any/all of the following set pieces provided by Acme: - 6 standard wooden chairs - 1 dining room table - 1 coffee table - 1 tall table/desk - 1 end table - 1 podium - 1 small love seat - 1 park bench Hand props will be allowed, but nothing else.
6) Selected playwrights will be given the option to provide their own director, actors, props, etc., or have Acme provide someone from our pool of eager and capable directors for you and cast the play from our festival auditions in November 2015.

Acme Theater is a 72-seat black box in Maynard, MA with full light and sound equipment. Acme will provide sound and light operators, the stage and a 45 minute tech time the week before we open so that casts can become familiar with our space prior to the festival.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, August 30, 2015
Please email script in .doc or .pdf format to Tom Berry at . Scripts sent to any other email address will not be accepted.
Selected playwrights will be notified by November 2015

Best regards,
Tom Berry
Acme Theater Productions
Producer, New Works Winter Festival 2016

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Frontier Theatre Conference seeks submissions for developmental Play Lab

web site

The deadline for submissions to present plays in the Play Lab at the 2016 Last Frontier Theatre Conference is November 23, 2015. The 24th annual Conference will take place June 12-18, 2016, in Valdez, Alaska.

Selected plays receive public readings, with both public and private feedback sessions led by theatre professionals. Authors must register for the Conference and be in attendance for their reading.

Accepted writers will also have an additional opportunity to present their work in the 10-Page Play Slam, the Monologue Workshop, and the late-night Fringe Festival.

Authors are asked to submit through the call for plays on the website, using the on-line form on the Play Lab link. Guidelines:

· Plays must be received by November 23, 2015

· One submission per author.

· Submissions should run between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

· They can be of any genre except musical.

· The play should not have received a professional production; readings and amateur productions are acceptable. Authors should be interested in developing this play.

Plays presented at the Conference have gone on to productions throughout Alaska, the rest of the United States, and internationally due to the exposure received there. Questions can be addressed to Conference Coordinator Dawson Moore at 907-834-1614


web site

Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US. Shows from outside NY and NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City. Submissions must be between 30 and 90 minutes long.

Venus/Adonis is not only a festival, it‘s a competition as well. That means that there are prizes! The winner of the Best Play award will receive a prize of $2,500. Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director will each receive $500. Best Original play will receive $200, Best Musical $300.
All genres of shows are welcome. If your show has already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) you can still participate, but only with a completely new cast and crew.
VENUS ADONIS Festival is the most exiting Winterfest ever!

New Ideas Festival 2016: Call for Scripts

web site

Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival (NIF) is an annual, three-week juried festival of new plays, works-in-progress and experimental theatre. Each week a different program of up to four plays, as well as a workshopped reading on Saturday at noon, is presented. The 2016 festival, NIF’s 28th season, will run from March 9 to 27, 2016.

NIF offers dramaturgical support, rehearsal and production space, technical support, access to Alumnae Theatre’s costume and props collections, publicity and sold-out houses.

When to Submit:

We are now accepting scripts and proposals for the 2016 festival. The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2015; September 15 for Alumnae members. Preference will be given to Canadian scripts and scripts with challenging roles for women of all ages. NIF welcomes voices from diverse communities. We invite you to submit your own play or pass this information along to a playwright you think may be interested.

Submission Guidelines:

Scripts or proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF or Word format to Scripts must be original works that have not been previously performed outside of a workshop. They may be in any genre or style, with a running time of 10 to 40 minutes; one act of a full-length play may also be accepted for production. Submissions longer than 40 minutes will only be considered for a reading, which will showcase the script development accomplished during the rehearsal period. Each playwright may submit a maximum of two scripts.

Please include a cover page with the script/proposal, providing the play title, a list and description of characters (including age), and a short play synopsis. Send a separate contact page with the play title, playwright’s name and contact information, and a short bio (75 words or less). NIF does not provide feedback on submissions.

NIF will confirm receipt of submissions within two weeks, and scripts/proposals will be sent to the NIF reading committee. The 2016 festival lineup will be announced in early November, followed by a creative exchange on November 14 to meet and choose directors, and cold reads of all chosen plays on December 7 to 11. Playwrights must be available for the creative exchange and for at least one of the December cold reads dates.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women

web site

NOTE: $20 submission fee will be waived for current members of the Dramatists Guild. Please include a photo copy of your current membership card for verification. 

The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women was founded by Yellow Rose Productions, with permission of Beth Henley, to encourage and recognize the new works of female playwrights. The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women aims to give voice to the stories of this generation and to bring into the spotlight important works that have been crafted.

Henley Rose seeks to honor both the writings of Pulitzer Prize winner Beth Henley and those of future winners of the Henley Rose Award.

Submissions are welcome May 1st through October 1st and will be read by a committee of writers, theatre artists, and producers. The first 200 submissions to be received will be considered.

Three finalists will be announced by December 1st and will be invited to attend and be recognized at the staged reading of their play. Staged readings will take place in Knoxville, TN at a determined date during the months of January and February, 2016.

The competition winner will be announced on December 1st and will receive the Henley Rose Award. In addition, submission fees will go to create a stipend for the winner of the Henley Rose Award.

Please note, we are unable to provide feedback on scripts that are submitted.

  • Submissions must be completed full-length or one-act plays.
  • Submissions must be the original work of a female playwright.
  • Submissions may not have been previously produced or fully staged. 
  • Submissions are due October 1st, 2015 and must include all the submission materials to qualify.


1. Completed Application (Click Here for Application)

2. Script(s)

3. Payment: $20 for first submission, $10 for an additional submission. Submission fees will go to create a stipend for the winner of the Henley Rose Award.
$20 submission fee will be waived for current members of the Dramatists Guild. Please include a photo copy of your current membership card for verification.

4. All applicants may choose to submit materials via snail mail to:
Yellow Rose Productions
Attn: Henley Rose
3636 Taliluna Ave. No. 236
Knoxville, TN 37919
Make checks payable to Yellow Rose Productions.

5. All applicants may choose to submit application materials via e-mail for an extra $7.00 printing fee. E-mail submission materials may be sent to:

Write a ten-minute play about an endangered species

web site


Go to the World Wildlife Fund or CITES and choose one or more species (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Flora & Fauna, or Invertebrates). The species must be integral to the plot, not just mentioned. Astonish the audience with the magnificence of the species – take us on an adventure – make us laugh, make us cry, make us weep if they're gone – motivate the audience to save them!

8-10 plays will be selected for a Staged Reading at a California theatre, with an award of $100 USD for each play. Multiple playwrights/Translators on a single play will divide the award equally (unless they request a different division). The audiences’ “ticket” will be a donation to a specified non-profit Wildlife Conservancy. There is No Entry Fee.

Entries must be received by midnight November 30, 2015.

Winners and Finalists will be announced by May 31, 2016 via e-mail and on the SES website. One submission per playwright. Plays must be in English, or have been translated into English. SES does not offer critiques.

Plays may be Comedic, Dramatic, or for Young Audiences (performed by adult actors). No adaptations or musicals. Maximum 4 actors – no elaborate props, swinging trapezes, or flaming torches, please.

Playwrights must hold the copyright. Legal clearance of materials not in public domain is the playwright's responsibility. Previously produced plays are accepted, published plays are not. Playwrights are obligated to inform SES if their play becomes published after submission. Plays with any contractual commitments, which restricts SES in any way, are not accepted. SES reserves the right to decide what is restrictive.

Include on the Title page: your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail – On the 2nd page: Cast List, Location/Time; Name of the Species; CITES Appendix I, II, or III; and any Playwright’s Notes/Glossaries.


Electronic submissions please

Submit the full script as an e-mail attachment (Word Doc. or pdf format) to Nikki Harmon

Put your Name; Contact info; Name of the Endangered Species in the body of the e-mail. In the subject line put “SCRIPT SUBMISSION” and the “Title of your Play”

If you have any problems sending your script let us know - we'll figure it out.

SES reserves the right to cancel the competition if not enough plays meet the mandate and artistic caliber required for presentation. If canceled, an announcement will be made via e-mail and on the website.

All winning playwrights are invited to the Staged Reading. Travel and accommodations are not included in the Prize.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shakespeare in the ‘Burg Theater Festival

web site
Shakespeare in the ‘Burg is pleased to announce our third annual one-act playwriting competition, in conjunction with our Shakespeare in the ‘Burg theater festival scheduled for April 1-3, 2016 in Middleburg, VA. There is no fee for this competition. The winning play will be performed during the Shakespeare in the ‘Burg festival.

Please note that you can write in any style you choose; this is not a “Shakespeare” writing competition, so plays in any genre are welcome.

Please bear in mind that your script will be performed for an audience of all ages.

Competition Rules:

Open to all playwrights

Scripts must be original, unpublished and not produced professionally. Musicals, monologues, adaptations, film scripts and television scripts are not eligible. Scripts may have been performed in a workshop environment

Our goal is to produce a one-set show with a small to medium-sized cast, with running times of no less than 25 minutes and no more than one hour.

No more than one submission per playwright. Give us your best work!

You may email your script to:, and in fact, we prefer emails. In the subject line, please write: Shakespeare in the ‘Burg One-Act Play

If sending a hard copy, please number the pages and staple or paperclip your submission. Send hard copies to Genie Ford, 36523 Mountville Road, Middleburg VA 20117. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like confirmation of receipt—or include your email address and I will write to you.

Submissions should include:

Playwright bio.
Contact page with name, address and telephone number of the playwright,
On all pages, please place the title of the play at the top of each numbered page.

The deadline for entries is a postmark or email of December 1, 2015.

InterAct MainStage submissions guidelines

web site

InterAct’s mission is to produce new plays that explore the challenging political and social questions of our times. We strongly recommend that you read our mission statement and the list of previously produced plays before submitting.To submit your play please send:
  • A one-page query letter including a brief description of your play and a few sentences explaining how it fits our mission
  • A brief biography
  • A ten-page excerpt from your script
All submissions must be sent through our on-line submission form: SUBMIT ONLINE HERE
PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT REGULAR MAIL OR EMAIL SUBMISSIONS.As InterAct receives between 500 and 600 queries and submissions per season, we ask that you please be patient in waiting for a response from us. 

If we wish to read your play in its entirety, we will contact you requesting the complete script.
Once we receive your script, it will likely take between six and twelve months to read it.
Please note: at this time we do not produce conventional musicals or related bills of one-acts.Tips for submitting your play to us:
  • DO take at least two or three paragraphs with the synopsis of the play. We do not need a detailed breakdown of plot by act and scene, just make sure we get the general themes and major plot points. DO NOT give a one-or two sentence statement with a few buzzwords. This doesn’t tell us anything useful.
  • DO include a character breakdown and BE SPECIFIC about how many actors the play requires, especially if it is not clear from the cast list. Keep in mind that InterAct rarely produces plays that require more than six actors.
  • DO NOT submit a roster of plays and ask if we may be interested in reading one of them. These inquiries will be discarded. Please take the time to read our mission statement and select one play to submit to us.
  • DO NOT submit a full script without first submitting a query, unless you are a literary agent or have a past relationship with InterAct.
  • DO NOT query by phone or regular mail.
  • DO NOT call or email to check on the progress of your query or script once you have submitted it. Do, however, feel free to let us know about any major development or production.

September SPL: Send us your scripts!

web site

Production dates: September 19-20. Cash Prizes!

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the September Short Play Lab. Not only do you rub shoulders with your fellow short-play playwrights, but you get to showcase your work to people you don't know yet. Our Labs are always well-attended, and they can lead to other festivals and events that we produce, such as the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival and the Midtown International Theatre Festival (visit our website: for submission opportunities and requirements). The rules for submitting to September's Short Play Lab are easy-peasy:
  • Deadline is September 4. Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto!
  • Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (only means of contact is by email). 
  • Submit scripts in a MS Word document or PDF file. 
  • Pages must be numbered
  • You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre. This Lab will take place at The Davenport Theatre, Black Box, 354 W. 45th St., New York, NY 10036.
  • Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.)
  • Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight. 
  • Plays that use guns as props will not be considered.
  • We provide a board op, box office, and venue management. 
  • There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door. 
  • Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps.
  • There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Saturday, September 19. The production dates are Saturday, September 19 - Sunday, September 20.
  • Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Sat. and 1 on Sun. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7 pm Sat. and 4 pm Sun. Program B takes place at 9 pm Sat. and 2 pm Sun. 
  • We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up. 
  • THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. The playwright, director, and actors cannot not vote for their play. We reserve the right to break ties.
  • *12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions. 

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in a Word document or PDF file, to Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!
John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Schreiber's Shorts: TRANSITIONS

web site

T. Schreiber Theatre is currently accepting submissions for its yearly Schreiber’s Shorts play festival. We are accepting new works (max 10 minutes) that explore the idea of TRANSITIONS. We encourage creative interpretations of the idea, both dramatic and comedic. We invite playwrights to submit pieces ranging from, but not limited to: political, personal, historical, and religious experiences.

Plays should be in English and submissions from playwrights outside of the U.S. are strongly encouraged.

Sets and costumes should be minimal. Rehearsal furniture only (nothing that requires specially built pieces). Props should be those items typically found in an acting studio props closet.

We encourage submissions that make creative use of sound and lighting. Live sound (including Foley sound effects) is/are encouraged, as well as any pre-recorded sounds or music you imagine being part of your play. We have a wide variety of lighting instruments available (so specials and practicals are okay), although we do not have moving lights or a follow spot.

DEADLINE for submissions is Friday, October 23, 2015.

Plays will be produced at the Gloria Maddox Theatre at T. Schreiber Studios in January 2016.


By submitting an entry, you are affirming you are the sole creator of the play and entitled to confer performance rights. You further affirm that, if your play is chosen, you will grant performance rights, royalty-free, to the T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre for up to twelve performances during its Schreiber's Shorts: Transitions: January 2016. The play remains the sole property of the playwright.

There is no fee for submission.

Please send all scripts in PDF or Word format to: with the subject “Schreiber’s Shorts” and the name of your play.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Borderlands submission guidelines

web site

Play Submissions – Borderlands is committed to developing and producing new plays. Before querying, please read our mission and peruse past and current production descriptions. If you have a play that you believe resonates with our mission, please send a synopsis along with a 10-15 page writing sample to Please do not send full manuscripts – unsolicited plays will not be read.

CLOCKHOUSE Submissions

web site

Clockhouse accepts works of poetry, fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, and dramatic works for stage or screen. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging writers. (Current students of Goddard College are ineligible to submit to Clockhouse, but we look forward to reading your work after you graduate.)

Submit to Clockhouse


All submissions must:
  • Be original, unpublished work written by the author
  • Follow the industry-standard formatting guidelines appropriate for the genre as well as the applicable guidelines below:
  • Fiction: Short stories and self-contained novel excerpts in a literary style. Genre fiction will be considered only if it sustains literary merit (Up to 5,000 words)
  • Poetry: All poetry in traditional and experimental styles including prose poetry (Up to 250 lines)
  • Memoir and Creative Nonfiction: All memoir and creative nonfiction in traditional and experimental literary styles. No academic or scientific essays (Up to 5,000 words)
  • Dramatic Work for Stage or Screen: Short dramatic works in traditional and experimental styles, either a standalone piece or an excerpt from a one-act or full length play or screenplay (Up to 15 pages)
  • Include a short bio of approximately 100 words or less
  • Include a brief artist statement: a few sentences about your work as an artist (i.e., not a “pitch” for this submission, but rather a statement about what you’re interested in writing about now, what drives your writing, or how your writing is reflecting or influencing the world at large, etc.)
  • Be submitted only through our online submission manager (see link at bottom of page). No email submissions will be accepted

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be discarded unread.

Submission period for the Summer 2016 issue opens on August 15, 2015 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on December 1, 2015.

Responses to submissions

Please expect to wait up to four months for a reply. After that time, if you have not yet received a reply, please check on the status of your submission by sending an e-mail to Indicate the title of your piece, the genre, and the original date of submission.

Summer Harvest 2016 ten-minute plays

web site

Onion Man is accepting submissions of original 10-minute plays for Summer Harvest 2016! A Day at the Lake. The shows will be staged in late May and early June of 2016. 

 The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2015. Below are the submission guidelines:
  • A limit of two plays per playwright
  • It should be a 10-minute play
  • Must be an original work with no prior production

All submitted plays must be written to one of the following set parameters. The plays must be set on either a dock at a lake or on the back porch of a lake house.

If written for a dock, action should be on the dock or on land behind the dock. There will be an entry/exit point from the dock leading off stage for any characters going into or coming out of the lake.
If written to the back porch of the lake house the action should be on the porch, steps or small area of ground in front of the porch. There will also be a door for entry/exit to the house.

Submissions are open to any writer, although Georgia and southeastern playwrights will receive preference.

Plays should be submitted in a PDF format without name or contact information of the writer on the script. Please place the writer’s name and contact information in the text of the email or on a separate page. Scripts should be emailed to 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Find Your People, Assemble Your Dream Team

Raising a playwright takes a village. This 5-week relay race will give you the advice and encouragement needed to assemble your very own team of superheroes to help you thrive as a professional writer. Each week, a different instructor will guide you through the ins-and-outs of building a professional support network, tackling play development applications, and catching the eye of agents, representation, and publishers.  By learning how to better pitch yourself and your work, you can start setting up the team needed for a sustainable career.

September 30: Emily Morse (Artistic Director, New Dramatists)
October 7: Michael Walkup (Producing Director, Page 73)
October 14: Andrea Hiebler (Director of Scouting and Submissions, Lark Play Development Center)
October 21: Emily Shooltz (Associate Artistic Director, Ars Nova)
October 28: Max Grossman (Abrams Artists Agency)

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email