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The Monthly Question reading series

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Submission guidelines

April 30th- playwrights/poets/song writers submission deadline!
May 3rd -announcement of chosen works.
May 13th - performance night at 7:30pm. Location: Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie St, New York, NY.


Scripts must be related to our monthly question.
Our May question is:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
(What did you want to be when you grew up? 
What did your mother want you to be when you grew up?
What inspires you when you read the question? We are interested in what you are thinking about and how the question might affect the work you do. Gather whatever inspiration the questions give you, and use it to fuel your chosen discipline. The questions are open to many interpretations!

Short plays are limited to 10 pages or less (sometimes less is better) in standard playwriting formats.

Poems/ Monologues are limited to 2 pages.

Song samples should be mp3 and no more than 3 minutes.

One submission per artist.

Only submissions by electronic attachment will be accepted, Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Playwrights can be from anywhere, but plays must be in English.

Submit a BLIND copy of your script and include a list of characters/descriptions.

E-mail your script/song/poem to:

The subject line should include the title of the play.

Please fill your contact info, name of your play and 4-6 line synopsis HERE.


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The Ophelia Theatre Group is requesting submissions for their first annual OPHELIA’S NEW PLAY FESTIVAL in Astoria, NY. In an effort to bring more art to our incredible community, we are launching this competition for one acts shows. 6 Plays will be selected to be performed three times in late September/early October, followed by a gala in which a winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The winner gets a workshop production of his choosing the following year.

This is a great opportunity for playwrights to work with driven peers and get their names out there! 

Submission Guidelines:

*25 to 60 minute plays. 

*If your play is picked, you are responsible for the production of the play. We will help with marketing, and if we can, rehearsal space.

*This is not only for New York residents, if you are able to produce the show in NYC, SUBMIT!

*Include name, email, phone number, and title on the cover page.

*Play must be received on or before June 15, 2015 to

*Limited to one submission per playwright.

The shows will be chosen by a group of readers, with the selected 6 finalists to be announced July 1st. 

Center of the World Festival seeks 10-minute plays

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7th Annual Community Readers Theatre August 14-16, 2015
$500 Grant Award!

Welcome to the 7th Annual Amateur Playwrighting Contest. 10-Minute Plays with an Environmental Humanities theme based upon our local history.

Submissions are accepted from October 1, 2014 to May 30, 2015. Use your gifts to help us develop a storytelling videography of our local area as part of our Cal Humanities Grant Project.

Script submission donation: There is a suggested minimal donation of $10.00 which can be paid by check to Center of the World Festival, Inc.

Send donation with submitted scripts. 

Or you may donate online at this link: Events, Tickets, Donations

These donations are used to pay for the advertising expenses associated with conducting this Festival. No donation is expected from under-age minor amateur playwrights nor adult hardship cases.

The play must be original and unpublished and unproduced in any type of setting or venue.

The play must be complete in and of itself and not be an incomplete fragment (such as a monologue, etc.) taken from a longer play nor an adaptation of another person's material already published. However, edited (shorten versions) of your own work may be accepted, if source is identified and available for comparison. Adaptations of public domain material, published before year 1900, may be considered if source is identified.

The play must be appropriate for readers’ theatre presentation (no elaborate sets or stage directions). Please read the section on Readers Theatre for more information. We do not conduct, nor send, written evaluations of scripts to playwrights. Play theme must adhere to Social issue topics, such as ecology, justice, peace, equality, crime prevention, freedom of speech, etc. See Theme Rules for more details.

The Festival is for a General Audience base. DO NOT SUBMIT "Mature Audience Only" material. Please consider general audience for appropriate language in your script dialogue.

The plays are limited to 10-minute scripts, which are about ten pages long. Some flexibility: no shorter than 8 minutes and no longer than 12 minutes.

The Play Submission Form must be used as the cover page. The next page shall be the Play Title Sheet, which includes the title of the play, the playwright's name, the list of characters, and setting. Playwright Agreement also must be signed and sent with your script.

You acknowledge that this is a competition for playwrights who self-identify as amateurs, in various meanings of that word, but excludes playwrights who identify themselves as professionals.

Play must be typewritten (or Word Processed) on 8.5" by 11" paper. Pages should be secured only with a removable binder clip (no staples). Please number each page of the play. The play must be typed in standard play format, using one side of each page only.

You may submit three plays for consideration. However, only one play per author will be chosen as a finalist. A separate submission donation is requested for each different play.
Two entry ways:

1) E-mail transmission to:

You may submit the play in Word Doc or ".pdf" format by e-mail, accompanied by a ".pdf" of your signed Playwright's Agreement, and ".pdf" of Play Submission Form and Play Title Sheet. In the event that your signature is delivered by e-mail delivery, such signature shall create a valid and binding obligation with the same force and effect as if such ".pdf" signature page were an original of your signature.

2) "Hard-copy" paper "snail-mail" submitted applications with Play Submission Form, Play Title Sheet, and Playwright's Agreement. Send to:

The Center of the World Festival
P.O. Box 1929
Frazier Park, CA 93225-1929

If you wish to be notified that script was received, please enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope. Do not send manuscripts by certified mail, or signature required.

Please retain your original and send us only one (1) printed copy. COWFEST will keep this copy in its private archives to validate non-profit mission fulfillment. You give permission for sufficient copies to be made by Festival staff to fulfill the preliminary reading, Festival production, and other requirements for cast, staff, and directors. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL COPY!

You may wish to copyright your material. Check writers' guides for more information, or visit

Deadline for play submission is May 30, 2015. All submissions will be judged by reader/actors of a non-professional community reader’s theatre in Pine Mountain Club, California.

Finalists will be announced by June 30, 2015. All playwrights will be notified of the results. For further information, read section on Selection Process.

Should your play be selected as a finalist, you are giving the non-exclusive right to the Center of the World Festival to produce and perform the play in readers theatre format from August 14 through August 16, 2015. We encourage the playwright (or a proxy) to be in attendance at this Festival production.

Playwrights will retain copyright and full ownership of their plays. Playwrights will receive sole credit for writing their play.

No changes will be made to the script without permission of the playwright. The director shall be the sole person to give cast and crew notes of production; however, playwrights may give any notes regarding the play production to the director.

After the play is accepted as a finalist, the play may not be withdrawn for any reason. If you are concerned about the quality of production by an amateur readers theatre, please do not submit for this Festival.

The play chosen for grant award will be determined by the spectator audience of the Festival.

At this time, we are not accepting phone calls. If you would like to talk to someone personally about the Festival, please send a letter with your submission, explaining your questions. Or contact us by e-mail at the link on this website. Please provide a phone number, e-mail or fax number, and the best times to reach you by phone. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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15th and FINAL SKETCHBOOK Festival

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Attention Writers, Devisers, Directors, Actors and Theatre Companies:

Collaboraction Theatre Company of Chicago is seeking submissions of world premiere theatre pieces of 7 minutes or less for its 15th and FINAL SKETCHBOOK Festival.

Collaboraction encourages both plays and devised work and are interested in proposals that explore form and unconventional staging. 

There is no theme, but please note Collaboraction's mission to "explore critical social issues."

The Festival will be two weeks in Nov. 2015 in Chicago at a TBD location and will return to its classic format of 16 short plays, visual art and music. 

The SKETCHBOOK Festival has become the "premiere short play festival in the Midwest" for its combination of provocative new work, immersive staging and multi-disciplinary environment and will gather a community of artists and audience for its' grand Finale!

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on April 30th.

NEXT ACT! Play Submissons

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Submissions are now being accepted for Capital Repertory Theatre’s Fourth Annual NEXT ACT! New Play Summit.

Accepting full length plays only.
Multi-cultural and ethnically diverse pieces encouraged.
Comedy and Drama welcome!

Now in its fourth year, the weekend long NEXT ACT! New Play Summit 4 is designed to complement the Upper Hudson Valley’s rich diverse populations. The festival directly reflects the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.” NEXT ACT! takes place October 31 - November 2, 2015 and will feature readings of four never-before produced plays, with additional special events throughout the weekend.

As in years past, the theatre is devoted to finding a play that can be produced in an upcoming season. Evidence of this devotion can be found in theREP’s 2014 production of THE GOD GAME by Suzanne Bradbeer, the 2015 production of HOW WATER BEHAVES by Sherry Kramer, and next season’s production of NAKED INFLUENCE by Suzanne Bradbeer, all of which started at NEXT ACT!.


-Plays cannot have been previously produced, though previous readings are allowed.

-No more than 7 characters. Please do not submit works in which actors play multiple roles, unless it is a device used to illuminate generations.

-Plays previously submitted to NEXT ACT! will not be considered for this years’ Summit.

-Agent and non-agent submissions accepted.

Submission Deadline: END OF DAY – Monday June 1, 2015


-Playwrights should submit a short one-paragraph synopsis that illuminates the plays entire plot including its ending; character descriptions and the first 10 pages (only) of their play, along with a photo/resume and bio.

-Email your submission to Margaret E. Hall, assistant to the artistic director, at with 2015 SUBMISSION in the subject line.

-A small stipend and limited travel available for playwrights selected.

-Electronic submissions preferred.


-Playwrights selected for the Summit will be notified by the end of August.

-Three plays will be selected to have readings (with an eye towards a potential future production) during the annual 3-day Summit, which takes place October 31 – November 2, 2015.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


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FINAL APPLICATION DUE MAY 1, 2015 at 11:59pm 

The I AM SOUL - PLAYWRIGHT RESIDENCY is available to Black playwrights, 21 years of age or older, who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

• Students in K-12 educational programs or enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs are not eligible.

• The resident playwright commits to spending the 18-month residency period in New York City actively participating in the National Black Theatre community.

• The resident playwright commits to completing one full-length work, which will receive a workshop production at the National Black Theatre in the 2016-2017 season.

 • The residency period begins September 1, 2015 and ends March 31, 2017. All residency requirements must be met during that time.

• Work in partnership with NBT to curate a Playwright’s Workshop and/or Symposium open for the community to participate in.

• The selected playwright is required to serve on the Selection Committee for the 2016- 2017 I AM SOUL - PLAYWRIGHTS RESIDENCY.

• Playwrights may not receive more than one residency at NBT through this program. SELECTION Applications are screened for eligibility by the National Black Theatre and evaluated by a selection committee of professional theater artists; The National Black Theatre’s Chief Executive Officer and Director of Theatre Arts Program will evaluate the finalist applications and will schedule interviews with all finalist. Selection is based on commitment, proven talent and artistic potential. The selection process is guided by the National Black Theatre’s mission statement.

TO APPLY: Using the subject line I AM SOUL - PLAYWRIGHTS RESIDENCY email to a single document in PDF, containing the following elements, arranged in this sequence:

1. AN APPLICATION COVER SHEET with the following information presented in clear format: NAME COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS HOME PHONE, OTHER PHONE EMAIL ADDRESS PLAY TITLE PLAY SYNOPSIS If you are represented by an agent please make us aware and let us know who that agency is

2. A WRITING SAMPLE: One full-length play that is at least 50 pages in length and has been written only by the applicant (no co-written submissions will be accepted). Please identify 20 pages that you would like for the panelist to read.. These pages will be read first by the panelist. The submitted script must be a complete draft that represents your best playwriting.

3. A PLAYWRITING RESUME [listing all readings, productions, awards, commissions, etc.]

4. If Playwright is chosen as a finalist they will be asked to submit a one page single spaced proposal outlining ideas, story and/or subject matter they would want to focus their residency on creating. This must be a new play.

Name the application packet file with your last name [Example: application packet sent by Jane Smith = Smith.pdf) o [lastname].pdf [for PDF files]

Email your application packet by May 1, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

No late applications will be accepted. Receipt of application materials will be confirmed via email.

DEADLINE & IMPORTANT DATES Applications must be received by: May 1, 2015 at 11:59 pm Finalists will be notified on: June 15, 2015 Recipient will be notified on: July 10, 2015 The residency year is: September 1, 2015 - March 31, 2017 QUESTIONS

Contact: NBT Literary Team cc: 4

North Park Playwright Festival

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Our goal in building the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe was to provide a small theater to produce new, untested plays. In support of this goal we have produced the North Park Playwright Festival each October. The festival provides a platform for brand new, short (ten minute), plays written by playwrights from around the world. Over the past twelve years more than 400 new plays have been produced. We encourage new directors and actors to become involved in theater through the festival as well. Through the North Park Playwright Festival over ninety playwrights, directors, and actors each year are able to showcase their talents. We invite interested playwrights to submit work to the festival. 

Please follow the guidelines below.

We are looking for:

1. Short new plays (no more that 12 pages, less is fine) that are easily staged and have casts with no more than four people. Our theater is very small and we normally use a minimal set concept in this festival. We have to be able to change sets in just a few minutes as we do six to seven plays each evening of the festival. We don't have space for large casts.

2. We request new work. A play that has had workshops or one or two previous productions is OK, but we are not interested in work that has been produced in numerous other places. Our goal in building the theater was to have a place to produce brand new work and let playwrights have a chance to see their work done for the first time.

3. We seek complete plays rather than excerpts from a larger work.

4. Work will be chosen by the directors we have in the festival. It is not a "contest" and we are not really judging plays in the formal sense. The directors choose the plays we will produce, within the production budget guidelines we give them.

5. Most subject matter is OK. We don't do nudity or off color humor.

6. We ask that all submissions be sent to us via snail mail at the theater. Address is: North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, 2031 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, Attn Summer Golden, Artistic Director. We have too much trouble with differing email, word processing, and computer platform issues to take them via email. Additionally, our selection process requires the directors read the plays submitted and the cost of printing all the plays we receive each year is prohibitive. Please insure submissions have a title page with complete contact information (including email), a character summary, and are in proper script form. There is no charge to enter.

7. Submissions must be postmarked by June 30, 2015. Please do not send plays by any method that requires a signature from us. We are not often at the theater when delivery occurs. We will email notice of receipt to all playwrights submitting plays.

8. Send only one script. Multiple submissions do not increase chances of production.

General information:

We are trying to support new work and involve actors, playwrights, and directors of all experience levels. We have had a wide variety of artists involved from very experienced to first time directors and actors, to an 8 year old playwright (very short, well received play). We feel having a wide range of experience involved helps the new people learn from the more experienced.

We really appreciate your interest in our theater.

Jeff Bushnell and Summer Golden
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe
2031 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

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8x10 Play Festival

web site

The Adobe Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico is celebrating its 55th year of producing quality entertainment in the greater Albuquerque area. That’s over five hundred plays, many of them never before produced.

To celebrate this milestone, The Adobe is launching its first 8x10 Play Festival July 16, 2015 through July 19, 2015, where eight never before seen works will be chosen and given full productions in our ninety-nine seat theatre.

The theme for our inaugural 8x10 Play Festival is LOVE. All submitted plays should deal with this theme, but the word LOVE must never be used in your dialogue.

The Rules

The submissions should be no longer than ten (10) minutes in length when read or performed, with a maximum of ten (10) pages. Plays MUST BE submitted in Word or PDF format. Entrants may send a maximum of two (2) plays.

The Title page should contain the NAME OF THE PLAY only. A separate Contact page should contain the name of the play and the playwright’s contact information, which must include: the playwright’s name, mailing address, phones(s), and e-mail address; the title of the play. These pages do not count against the ten (10) page script maximum.

Plays should be typed in acceptable play format.

Cast maximum is four (4). Directors and cast members will be chosen by The Adobe from members of the Albuquerque theater community.

Settings for the plays should be simple; nothing shall be constructed, hand props and set pieces may be used. Special lighting and sound and other technical needs shall be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Plays which have received fully mounted productions are not eligible. Plays which have been given public readings are permissible.

How To Enter

The deadline for entries is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2015. Winners will be notified on or about June 1, 2015.

ALL entries must be e-mailed, as attachments, in Word or .pdf format, to, with 8x10 Play Festival in the subject line. Hard copies or mailed plays will not be considered or returned.

By submitting an entry, you are affirming that you are the sole creator of the play, and entitled to confer performance rights. If you are chosen as a finalist, you agree to grant performance rights, royalty-free, to The Adobe for the four (4) performances dates. The play remains the sole property of the playwright.

Cash prizes will be awarded for first, second and third places that will be determined by the Artistic Committee of The Adobe, using the following criteria: Artist Merit, Originality, Craftsmanship, Commercial Viability and Story Telling. There will also be an Audience Prize, voted upon by the Festival attendees throughout the four-day Festival.
Please address all questions to 8x10 Play Festival at

2015 Met Life Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition

web site

Online submissions now being accepted for FULL LENGTH LATINO STAGE PLAYS  (In Spanish or English or both!)

Time stamped Deadline:  Monday, June 1, 2015.  (Time stamped)

MISSION:  Since 2000 MetLife Foundation and Repertorio Español joined forces to establish The MetLife Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition! It has been our privilege to promote and develop original works that relate to Latino culture, history and life in the United States while at the same time reflecting the universality of the human condition and encourage bright new talent by providing this forum.  


Plays that do not meet these requirements will not be considered. Playwrights may be Latino or of any other ethnic or racial background as long as the play’s subject matter and characters resonate with Latino audiences and accurately depict the Hispanic experience. 
  • No screenplays, one act plays, musicals, adaptations or translations will be accepted. 
  • New and un-produced plays preferred. 
  • Plays that have had readings or a workshop production are acceptable. 
  • All plays must be original and full-length (minimum running time: 1 hr., 30 min) and can be written in Spanish and/or English. 
  • Playwrights must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States or Puerto Rico. 
  • Previously submitted scripts are accepted unless they have already placed in the top 10. 
  •  Each script will be read by two qualified independent judges selected by Repertorio Español, on a blind submission. 
  • Winners will be announced six to seven months after the deadline. o Each participant will be notified of the results by e-mail. 

We request that participants do not contact the office to inquire about the competition’s results. 

Round 1: Finalists will receive a staged reading at Repertorio to further develop the script. 

Round 2: -Grand Prize Winner: $3,000 and a full production at Repertorio Español 

-2nd Place: $2,000 -3rd Place: $1,000 Grand Prize Winner must be available for Awards Ceremony

Follow instructions below to participate. 

Send the following information within the body of the e-mail: 
  • Your full name 
  • Your cell phone number 
  • Your mailing address (street address, city, state, zipcode) 
  • How did you hear about the competition? 
  • 4-6 line synopsis 
  • 4 -6 line description of how your play relates to the Latino / Hispanic American community 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted. 

Send the following as an attachment: 

One ELECTRONIC COPY of your script -- in one document with numbered pages and a title page that lists the title and year the play was written ONLY. (PDF, Microsoft Word, Plain or Rich Text Formats Accepted) 

Please OMIT your name from the script 

Do not send other biographical information or reviews Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted. 

By submitting your play to the competition, Repertorio Español shall have a right to produce the play for a period of two years. Such production shall be done in accordance with an agreement acceptable to both the playwright and Repertorio Español. 

If the playwright receives an offer within the two year period from a third party to produce the play, the company has the right to decide to produce the play on terms no less favorable than offered. 

Please direct any questions regarding this competition/application to

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Molotov Theatre Group Call for New Scripts for 2015/2016 Season

web site

The Molotov Theatre Group, Washington DC’s premier horror- and suspense-based theatre company, is issuing a call for new scripts for its 2015/2016 season.

In order to be considered, all plays must:
  • Be in the horror genre. We particularly favor plays in the style of Grand Guignol (see below). We would accept a series of vignettes or a cabaret, again in the style of Grand Guignol.
  • Have a run time between 60 and 90 minutes, no intermission.
  • Require a cast of no more than seven actors. No doubling, unless the submission is a series of vignettes.
  • Be able to be performed with a unit set.

SUBMISSIONS: Playwrights should submit a PDF of their script to along with an author bio, character breakdown, and brief synopsis. Submission deadline is April 15, 2015. Only one script, or collection of vignettes, per playwright.

Selected playwrights will be extended a contract in accordance with the Dramatist Guild guidelines, including a percentage of box office sales.

Grand Guignol

It is highly recommended that prospective playwrights visit the Molotov Theatre Group web site ( to read “About Grand Guignol” and “The Molotov Manifesto” before submitting.

About Molotov Theatre Group

Founded in 2007, the501(c)3 non-profit Molotov Theatre Group is DC’s premiere horror- and suspense related theatre company, dedicated to education, preservation and exploration in the aesthetic of the Grand Guignol, or French Theater of Horror. Molotov Theatre Group applies the Grand Guignol ideals to contemporary and classic works. They also produce English translations of original Grand Guignol scripts to preserve and draw attention to this important, and essentially forgotten genre.

For more information on Molotov Theatre Group

Visit our Web Page:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

The Players Theatre Short Play Festival - NYC

web site

The Players Theatre Short Play Festival
June 4 - 21
Submission Deadline: April 15 at 5p


Visit our website:



June 04 – June 21, 2015

The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012

3 weeks, 4 performances weekly (Thursday through Sunday),

5 plays featured each week.


Short Plays and Musicals with a performance time of 15 minutes or less, no more than 15 pages in length.

Writers are eligible to submit up to 2 plays.

THEME: “NYC – Only in New York”

New York City is like no other place in the world! We are seeking plays that get to the heart of the Big Apple and explore what makes this town tick. Unique New York – it’s more than a tongue twister – it is a way of life!

All plays submitted must be centered on, or revolve around this theme.

** Note **

1) Playwrights are responsible for producing their own play – Host provides Theatre, technicians and box office

2) If selected, there is a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit required and a $50 NON-refundable tech fee required

Plays MUST be NO MORE 15 minutes in length and no more than 15 pages

Submissions open: March 03, 2015
Submissions close: April 15, 2015
Play selection announced on; April 27, 2015


12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions

web site

12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions for a 2015 – 2016 New Play Podcast Series from April 10th – June 15th, 2015.

12 Peers Theater is accepting unsolicited submissions of new full-length plays to be recorded and released monthly on a podcast about and featuring new plays.  In an effort to maximize exposure for playwrights and assist them in securing full productions, 12 Peers Theater will record and release readings of new plays to be aired on our 12 Peers Podcast throughout late 2015 and 2016.

We understand that there are many forms of theatrical storytelling, but here are a few guidelines that will help you determine if your play is right for us.  We will not consider plays that have had a full production elsewhere.  

We will only accept full-length plays, no one-acts, collections of one-acts, or musicals.  

Due to recording limitations, plays should be able to be performed with no more than 6 actors (doubling permitted)  As a company we are drawn to plays with themes of social and cultural identity, plays that are politically, socially, and ethically relevant, and plays with mythic themes. We are also drawn to plays with a clear sense of dramatic action, an excellent use of language, and a creative use of theatrical resources.

If you would like to submit please send your play, a brief synopsis, and a biography to Matt Henderson, 12 Peers Theater’s Literary Manager, at by June 15th, 2015.

Submissions invited for the “8 in 48” Idaho Short Play Festival

web site

The “8 in 48 Idaho” Short Play Festival, produced by Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, seeks new works written and produced for young audiences. Submissions are accepted from February 15, 2015 to May 15, 2015. A screening panel of theater professionals from across the nation will select the eight winning ten-minute plays. Selected playwrights will be notified by June 15, 2015.

All submissions must be previously unproduced, 10 minutes or less in length, and suitable for young audiences. No more than two submissions per playwright. Only submissions by electronic attachment will be accepted. Winning selections will be mounted during the “8 in 48” Festival on September 26, 2015 in Meridian, Idaho.

Submission inquiries should be directed to Valerie Baugh at A call for directors, designers, and actors will go out May 1, 2015. For more information and Festival updates, go to

Send all submissions to:

Subject line: 8 in 48 submission

Monday, April 13, 2015

Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival seeks new work

web site

The Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival is dedicated to supporting writers and composers in the creation of new musical theater works. To advance this mission, the festival will select a new work that is ready to be explored musically and dramatically and bring it to the stage with a professional creative team and cast. The festival will accept submissions of projects at various stages of development. The application deadline is June 1.

 The artistic board will review the submissions and announce their selection in June.

Eligibility Requirements

• Book musicals or other experimental musical theater forms are eligible.

• Original and adapted works will be accepted, providing that the rights to any material not in the public domain have been granted in writing. Please include a copy with the submission.

• Works that have already had a professional production are not eligible.

• Applicants are permitted to submit one work for consideration.

• The cast cannot exceed 10 actors.

• All members of the creative team must be over 18 years old.

Winner Receives

• The opportunity to bring your show to the stage with the professional artists provided by the festival, including the following: director, musical director, additional musicians if necessary (maximum of 2), stage manager, actors

• Transportation from New York City to the Poconos on August 6 and from the Poconos to New York City on August 8.

• Housing at East Stroudsburg University during your time with the festival. Please note: you are responsible for your own lodging and transportation for the New York City rehearsals

• A $1,000 honorarium for each member of the creative team


August 3 to August 5 – Rehearsals in New York City

August 6 – Travel to East Stroudsburg, PA (Pocono Mountains)

August 7 – Performance at 7:30pm

August 8 – Depart from East Stroudsburg, PA

Selection Process

• Applications will be accepted until June 1, 2015

• Four works will be chosen as finalists

• Members of the festival’s Artistic Board will choose the winner

• The winner will be announced in June 2015

Submission Guidelines

Click to submit your application. You will be required to provide the following:

1. Biography and resume for each creative team member (upload PDF files)

2. Synopsis including character breakdown and instrumentation

3. Song list

4. Script with lyrics or a full libretto (upload PDF file)

5. Sheet music for a minimum of 5 songs (upload PDF files)

6. Music recordings (upload MP3 file) – Please submit 20 minutes of recorded music including the 5 songs for which sheet music is submitted. Studio demos are not necessary. Piano/vocal recordings are sufficient. Clearly label the MP3 files with the name of the name and number of the song. Number them in sequence.

7. Background and future goals of the work - Submit a description of the piece including the origin of the idea, inspiration for writing, and past readings or developmental processes. In addition, please include a description of what you hope to gain from the experience with The Musical Theater Developmental Lab.

8. Rights statement – (upload PDF) Please provide proof of fully secured rights if the proposed show is an adaptation of an existing work that is not in the public domain.

Questions? Contact

Sunday, April 12, 2015

MONSTERS ON STAGE A Call for Monologues and Short Plays

web site

Monsters on stage provide a unique dramatic perspective on what it means to be human in the 21st century, either through relationship, revelation, contrast or cataclysm. The thematic possibilities are endless: transformation, identity, in- or exclusion, survival, love, terror and more. We’re looking for pieces that dig deep into the human need - conscious and unconscious, psychological and neurological - for monsters across time and cultures.

As Prospero says of Caliban in The Tempest: “This thing of Darkness I acknowledge mine.”

Publication: An anthology of monologues, short plays and essays will be published. Authors whose writings are selected for this anthology will receive a publication contract.

Production: In addition to publication, several monologues and short plays will be selected for production at Transylvania University (perfect, right?) in the fall of 2015. Opportunities for prosthetic makeup for characters are encouraged. Playwrights whose works are selected will receive a production contract.

Playwrights at any level of their studies or careers are invited to submit original 3-to-5 minute monologues and short plays as Word documents to

For further information:

Contact Michael Bigelow Dixon, Assistant Professor, Theater,
Transylvania University, 300 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY 40502;

Submissions will be accepted until June 1, 2015.

March Forth Summer Reading Salon

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March Forth Productions
Description: Announcing the Second Annual March Forth Summer Salon!

We here at March Forth love good stories, and without writers… well we don’t have many good stories, now do we? That is why this summer we are once again providing writers with a chance to have their work read and shared informally in an environment that will promote collaboration, thoughtful feedback and the building of our artistic community.

Following the huge success of our inaugural season, we are proud to announce our second season of Summer Reading Salons. Each Monday in July we will gather writers, actors, directors and dramaturgs to read a new play along with the playwright. We'll have a glass or two of wine, discuss what we’ve just experienced, and address any questions or concerns the playwright might have. This is a perfect opportunity for early-career writers or seasoned veterans looking for a supportive arena to try out their newest venture!

Summer Salon Guidelines -
- Full Length, original plays only (no musicals)
- Play must be complete at the time of submission. Revisions to submitted scripts are allowed, however incomplete texts will not be considered.
- Playwright must be able to attend the Salon (July 6th, 13th, 20th or 27th)
- All submissions materials must be provided in PDF format
- Multiple submissions accepted, however only one slot will be awarded per playwright
- Preference will be given to plays that stretch the bounds of theatrical storytelling

To be considered for our Summer Salon, please send a resume, synopsis, character breakdown and ten-page sample of the play you wish to submit by May 4th. Please note in the body of your email which Salon date(s) you are available for.

Writers whose work is selected for further review will be asked to submit their full script no later than May 18th. Final selections will be made by June 1st.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


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Seeking fully produced one act plays  (cast, directed and ready to perform) 7 minutes to 20 minutes in length for

June 10 - July 1, 2015

at Manhattan Rep, 303 W.42nd St.
$1000 PRIZE for BEST PLAY!!!

(And an additional 4 performances if the play goes on to the FINALS - June 30 and July 1, 2015.)
To submit your one act play production please email:

The complete play,
a synopsis of the play,
the character breakdown,
the running time of the play,
the set and lighting requirements,
the playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where)
your mailing address,
and a creative team leader contact email address to:

by FRIDAY May 1, 2015 at Midnight.

Please put “Summer One Act Competition” in the subject heading.

We will contact you within a week as to your acceptance.

Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.

The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before May 1, 2015, if we fill up all available performance slots

There is no submission fee. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

Each play will be given a MINIMUM of FOUR performances, with 4 more performances if the play moves on to the finals. We will supply a technician to run the sound and lights.

Once accepted, there will be a $150.00 participation fee.

There will be NO additional security fees or Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees.

For more information log on to:

Summer One Act Play Competition 2015 Guidelines


46 seat theatre space for at least 4 performances - 3 more if you move on to finals etc

A technician to run your sound and lights

1 Tech rehearsal in the theatre with our technician

1 Full Dress rehearsal with all of the teams in your performance series in the theatre

Our stock furniture for your show

Web flyers with all the information about your show and the shows in your performance series for you to email to all.

Web site support.

Theatre production consultation

Reservation Service, House management and Box Office


An 8 dimmer lighting board with 16 instruments

A 4 speaker surround sound system

A 5 CD changer with support for IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD, PHONE etc and Laptop

Clean, organized dressing room



Casting the production

Directing the production

Outside rehearsal space (if you need it.)

Program design and 300 copies of their program

All other miscellaneous production costs – costumes, props, etc.

Inviting friends and family.


All participants must be NON-UNION

There is NO PAY (unless you win the $1000 cash prize.)

Please do not submit MUSICALS unless staged with pre-recorded music.

(We have no room for an orchestra.)

All Productions must run between 7 minutes and 20 minutes with simple sets which can be easily struck.


NO SMOKING in the play!

No LIGHTING OF ANYTHING! (Candles, cigarettes, etc.)

No projections.

No FURNITURE is to be brought into the theatre for any reason.

We supply more than enough stock furniture for any show.

All props and costumes must be brought in and out of the theatre each night for, regretfully, we do not have space to store for all the plays participating.

TAKE BACK THE ROM COM - video excerpts

These are excerpts from recordings of readings of plays performed at the Jewel Box Theater in Manhattan on Saturday, March 28, 2015, for the NYCPlaywrights TAKE BACK THE ROM COM project.

Web site:

Eight plays were performed by actors Larissa Adamczyk, Alice Anne English, Bryn Packard, Michael Rehse, Nilsa Reyna and Doug Rossi:
  1. YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY by Todd Wallinger 
  2. HOT COFFEE by Emily Brauer Rogers 
  3. SEMICOLON IS A DOUBLE by Larry Rinkel 
  4. VERSAILLES by Jason Rainey 
  5. YOU CAN’T BE THE ONE by S. L. Daniels 
  6. GOING UP? by Cynthia Morrison 
  7. HAPPY CHRISMUKKAH by Jack Feldstein 
  8. GOODNIGHT IRENA by Rhea MacCallum

RADD Theatre Co is looking for playwrights

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RADD Theatre Co is launching a series of workshops in the coming year, and is looking for playwrights to participate. The readings will be based out of the PS Bookstore in Dumbo.

The goal is to bring together artists once a month to watch and respond to new work. RADD will coordinate space, cast, and audience - all the writer has to do is show up. Depending on length, two or three playwrights will work a month.

The playwright working will also have a short meeting with RADD before the workshop to suss out how they like their feedback. We’ve learned that some people like to know everything everyone thinks, while other people might want to just hear their words aloud and then go back to writing. Whatever is your preference, we will make it happen.

Depending on what you want, we can also schedule a rehearsal before the reading, where you can talk with the actors about the piece. Again, the goal is to provide a space where you feel you can actually work, whatever that looks like to you.

To apply, please send in a pdf of the script you would like to be workshopped. If it is still in development, a 5-10 page sample will work great. 

Submissions due April 22nd. The first reading will be May 3rd.

No application fee.

To learn more about RADD check out our website:


Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation 2015 Playwriting Competition

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Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation 2015 Playwriting Competition. 

The Foundation will accept submissions for its 2015 Playwriting Competition between March 1 and May 31, 2015

Prizes are as follows: First Prize, $3,000; Second Prize, $1,500; Honorable Mentions, $500. 

Prizewinners will be announced before the end of the year. Production Grants: The foundation also offers grants to not-for-profit production companies to offset expenses in producing theatrical works (plays, musicals, operas, choral works, orchestral works with text) and film or video. All works must be based on, or inspired by, history and must concern LGBT life. No submission fee.

1. Only full-length works (dramas, comedies, musicals, screenplays) are eligible for consideration.
2. All works submitted must be original and in English.
3. All must concern LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) life and must be based on, or directly inspired by, a historical person, culture, work of art, or event.

For more submission details visit

Submissions will be accepted until May 1, 2015.

The Relentless Award, established in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman

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The Relentless Award, established in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman and his pursuit of truth in the theater, is the largest annual cash prize in American theater awarded to a playwright in recognition of a new play.

What we are looking for:
  • Plays that are challenging.
  • Plays that exhibit fearlessness.
  • Plays that are not mainstream.
  • Plays that exude passion.
  • Plays that are relentlessly truthful
The American Playwriting Foundation encourages submissions by first time playwrights, women and playwrights of color.

  • The author of the Relentless Award-winning play will receive $45,000.
  • The winning playwright will have the option to have the winning play published by the Dramatists Play Service.
  • The winning playwright will have a week-long residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm, an artist residency program housed on a working organic farm in Brewster, New York. The author can elect to have a director, a dramaturg and actors join him or her while in residence on the farm.
  • The selected play will have a national roll-out through the Ed Vassallo Relentless Reading Series, established to help bring to life and develop the winning play by presenting a series of staged readings at some of the top theaters across the United States.
  • When the winning play is selected, three runners-up will also be named.


Submissions will be accepted up until midnight of July 10, 2015. The winner and three finalists will be announced on October 2, 2015.

Eligibility/Criteria for Submission:
  • Any unproduced play written by a United States citizen is eligible for The Relentless Award.
  • Each play must be submitted with a letter from a theater professional recommending the play. “Theater Professional” is defined as anyone who has worked in theater in any artistic capacity for a minimum of four years.
  • Plays with a producer, producing organization or theater attached are not eligible.
  • As much as we love them, one-act plays, musicals and plays for children are not eligible.
  • The author must be at least 21 years old.
How to submit your play:
  • Use the form to submit your play and accompanying letter of recommendation to The American Playwriting Foundation.
  • Please do not have your name or other identifying info (email/phone number) on any of your manuscript pages. This will preserve the author's anonymity for the judges.
  • We prefer to receive your files as pdfs (rather than Word documents).
  • You will receive a confirmation email after we receive your files.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Secret Theater’s Flying Solo 2 Festival

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Festival Dates: May 27th - May 31st, 2015

Call for Submissions

for one person performances where nightly audiences vote for their favorite festival participant.

No fee to submit or produce. All we require is a payment of $30-$50 for technical staff, depending on the length of your show. We will be supplying all the basic production elements needed to support a new work in development – a stage, a small crew, box office and lobby staff, minimal sets and lights

$200 Cash Prize for Best Show
Free tech rehearsal with experienced stage tech.
Each accepted show is guaranteed 1 or more performances
The final selected shows are eligible for publishing on a non-exclusive basis.

Currently Seeking:
Original solo shows written and performed by men
Original solo shows written and performed by women

Please Include:
The full show
A synopsis of the show and promotional photo
The show’s running time
Short biography of yourself
The show’s production history (If it has been produced before and if so, where)

Submission deadline: ROLLING

Please email submissions to:

Selected shows will be presented May 27th to May 31st at The Secret Theater.

The Secret Theatre is located at 44-02 23rd St, Long Island City, NYC 11101

New York New Works Festival Now Accepting Submissions

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NYNW is a play competition in which the audience and the NYNW Panel of elite Broadway Producers, Emmy award winners and leading industry professionals cast their votes with the audience to select the best play of the season. Plays move from the 1st Round to the Semi-Finals and then to the Finals.

  • The playwright of the winning play, contingent upon abiding by the festival rules, receives $500.00 and the opportunity to have their play aired on a local media outlet.
  • NYNW (Aug. & Sept. 2015) is seeking NEW one act or short works plays for our 2015 New York New Works Theatre Festival. We are searching for engaging new work that is commercially viable. NYNW is a showcase for comedies, musicals, and dramas told with an original voice and compelling storytelling.
  • Two to three plays from each evening will be selected to go on to the semi-final rounds.
  • Five to six plays from the semi-final rounds will be selected to continue to the final round.
  • All projects should have a beginning, middle, and an end (no excerpts without a full story). NYNW will not consider submissions over 30 minutes in length.
  • Playwrights may submit up to two plays per year for consideration.
  • NYNW welcomes, plays, musicals, and solo shows.
  • There is no submission fee.
Email submissions to:


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Night of New Works Script Submissions

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Something Marvelous, a Chicago festival of magical realism, seeks new 3 - 10 minute short plays inspired by Paul Bond’s painting The Releasing of Sorrows.

Take inspiration from the imagery or what the “releasing of sorrows” may mean to you. To fit the genre of magical realism, we seek plays that feature a non-realistic event within a realistic world. We want to encourage playwrights to let their imaginations soar and would love to present staging challenges to our actors and directors and explore what we can do with this amazing genre. (Haunting is a very common convention, so we are seeking fresh ideas!) 

 Selected works will be fully staged and presented in Chicago, IL in early June 2015.

To submit: Email scripts to Literary Manager Sarah Mayhan at

Deadline: May 10, 2015

For more information: visit our website at

Nick Darke Award

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The deadline for submissions is Monday 14 April 2014
Following Nick Darke’s death the Nick Darke Award was conceived by his wife, the artist and film maker Jane Darke, with the support of his family.

Writers are asked to submit work on an environmental theme in recognition of Nick’s lifelong commitment to this issue. The word environmental may however be broadly interpreted (see for previous winners’ work).

The award is presented each year to a writer for work that pursues an environmental theme within one of the following three disciplines: — Stage play — Screenplay (feature film or short film) — Radio play 

Nick Darke wrote in many forms but earned his living in the world of theatre, screen and radio. As this award is intended to contribute financially to the life of a writer, the award is in one of these disciplines. With the opportunity to win £6,000 and open to all writers, this competition provides the time to write that financial support facilitates.

In the first instance applicants should outline the form of their idea (theatre, radio play, feature film, short film), pitch it in 25 words or less and then outline the story idea in 750 words, suggesting character, plot and structure.

They should also submit 20 pages which are representative of their work; this can be from an existing or new piece of work.

The submissions will be read by a group of readers who will produce a long list for the Longlist Committee. The Longlist Committee will reduce the submissions to a final shortlist of eight for the judges. The winner is announced in October.

The awarded is solely funded by Falmouth University through the Falmouth Graduate School, which offers postgraduate courses (MA and MFA) and research degrees (MPhil and PhD) and supports the wider environment for research and advanced scholarship at the University.

Submission form in PDF format.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Acts and Snacks Submissions

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Now accepting one act submissions for upcoming One Acts and Snacks events!

Plays must be between 10 – 25 minutes in length
Maximum of four characters
You must be able to attend the reading in Brooklyn.
Preference given to plays that have never been produced or performed, or are in active rewrites.
Please submit plays in PDF format, include title, name, contact info and synopsis on the title page.


One Acts and Snacks will cast your play using our pool of interested actors and actresses. Please let us know if you have someone you would like to read a specific part in your play.

Please note that readers may not exactly fit your character descriptions, but we will work with a talented pool of actors who will bring your words to life in the most authentic way possible.

Privacy and rights:

You retain all rights for any play submitted or performed. We do not permit audience audio or video recording or photography of the reading. Photos may be taken by Casa de Beverley for later promotional use with the consent of the individuals in the room.

Play selection:

If selected you will be contacted via email. You must be available to attend the reading.


Please email submissions to Please attach the script in PDF form with:
  • A synopsis of the play 
  • The character breakdown 
  • The play’s running time 
  • The playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where) 
  • Playwright's contact information

Emerging Playwrights Contest

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The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation (DVRF) and OHenry Productions are pleased to announce the first annual Emerging Playwrights Contest. The play contest is intended to identify and encourage talented playwrights who have not yet achieved commercial success and whose work accordingly deserves a wider audience. Over time, we believe this new play contest will serve the broader educational purpose of bringing new and challenging work to the attention of the public.
The Prize

A winning piece will be selected by representatives of DVRF and OHenry Productions and will receive a staged reading in New York City. Consideration will thereafter be given towards further development of the work.

There is no entry fee. To submit your work, please see the instructions below.

Submission Guidelines
(1) We are seeking full-length plays only. While there is no strict minimum or maximum page limit, our suggestion is that submissions be no shorter than 30 pages.
(2) Submissions must be written in English, and must not have had a previous fully staged production. No play that is currently under option is eligible to win. Submissions that have been previously developed or which formerly were under option must be accompanied by a brief summary of the play’s developmental history.
(3) No musicals or dance pieces will be considered at this time.
(4) Only one submission per playwright/writing team.
(5) To ensure an impartial selection process, we ask that the playwright’s name only be included on the cover page.
(6) The play must be original or based on material which the author has previously been afforded the rights to. Please only submit your own work.
(7) Playwrights must be citizens or residents of the United States.
(8) The winning script will receive a reading in NYC during the Spring/Summer of 2015. The author is responsible for his or her travel arrangements. These dates are subject to change as necessary.
(9) In order to give each submission the attention it deserves, and ensure a timely selection process we can only guarantee eligibility to the play contest for the first 200 scripts we receive. Should your script be received after we have hit the 200 cap, you will be notified and placed on a waitlist. We will review submissions from the waitlist if time allows, and you will be notified if your script is taken off the waitlist.

Instructions for Submission to the Play Contest

All submissions must be made electronically. Submissions should be PDFs and in standard stage play format. Please include a title page with the playwright’s name, address, phone number and email. Submissions should also include a brief synopsis, and character descriptions. Submissions must be received by 11:59pm on Friday April 10th, 2015 to be eligible for the 2015 play contest. Scripts can be submitted through this form. Submissions may also be emailed Please make the subject of your email “2015 Contest Submission.”

Click here for a full list of Contest Rules (the “fine print”)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2015 Rockford New Play Festival

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The 2015 Rockford New Play Festival selection committee is seeking new ten minute plays. 4 – 6 scripts will be chosen as official selections of the festival and presented in an evening of staged readings in Rockford, Illinois during the weekend of August 22 & 23, 2015.

Now in its second year, the Rockford New Play Festival hopes to present scripts of local writers alongside the work of writers from around the nation and beyond. Last year’s festival featured writers from Rockford, Chicago, New York and Georgia.

Submissions will be accepted through May 15th, 2015.

  • Plays of all genres and styles are welcome. We would love to see the play that speaks to where your mind and heart are right now. We encourage you to be bold, passionate, humorous and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Submission Deadline: Friday May 15, 2015. (11:59 PM, PST)
  • Length: The body of the script must be no more than ten (10) pages long. This does not include title page and character breakdown/setting page.
  • Format: Please submit your script as a PDF file in Standard Play Format:
  • Font: 12pt Times New Roman (or similar) typeface
  • Title Page: play title + playwright’s name + contact info
  • Character Breakdown/Setting Page
  • Page Numbering: Pages are numbered in the upper right hand corner starting with the number “1” on the first page of dialogue/action
  • Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Character Names: Capitalized
  • Dialogue: Begins on the line below the character name
  • Stage Directions: Start at or near the center of the page
  • Only one play may be submitted per writer.
  • Plays submitted to The Rockford New Play Festival in previous years will not be considered.
  • Plays must be submitted electronically through the online form below. Email or USPS submissions will not be accepted.
  • Language: Plays must be written for English speaking audiences.
Plays that do not follow the guidelines will be ineligible.
click here to submit your play

Have questions? Please email us at Please note that we cannot accept play submissions via email.


web site

The Village Playwrights is accepting 10 minute plays from Metro NYC playwrights for Re-inventing Family, a staged reading of 8 short plays on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at the LGBT Community Center in New York City to celebrate the Gay Pride holiday.


1. Scripts should feature an LGBTQ, non-traditional family

2. Playwrights must be from the metro NYC area

3. Scripts must be 10 minutes or under

4. Deadline for submission is 5 pm, Friday, May 15, 2015

5. Plays will be minimally staged

6. Playwrights may choose to self-produce (cast and rehearse)

To Submit:

Email your 10 minute script as an attachment to

Include your name, address and telephone in the body of the email but not on the script. Your name should not appear on the script. Please write your play title on subject line of email. There is no submission fee.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ticket discount/ticket give-away for SHE CALLS ME FIREFLY

A pair of tickets will be given away to one member of the NYCPlaywrights mailing list this Saturday, April 11 - details on how to claim the tickets will be in the weekly email blast. The tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can sign up for the mailing list here.

Details on getting the tickets at a special NYCPlaywrights discount rate are below.

Freddie's Place...aka New Perspectives Studio
458 West 37th Street (at 10th Avenue)

New Perspectives Theatre Company and VH Theatrical Development Foundation are taking the phrase "drinks and a show" to a whole new level with Teresa Lotz's new play, She Calls Me Firefly.

It's Nickel Beer Night at Freddie's Place. As you enter, you will instantly be transported from the New York City streets to a Kentucky dive bar. Ken has come here to drown his sorrows, but no amount of alcohol can wash away the secrets of his past. Ken meets Freddie, a mysterious bartender, who watches Ken’s past unravel drink by drink. The ever-present memory of Ken’s mother Veronica impedes his ability to find joy and peace in his life. She Calls Me Firefly lures the audience into Ken’s world, allowing them to join him on a journey of self-awareness.

Don’t miss this exciting new American play by Teresa Lotz. Come pull up a stool, grab a drink (the first is on the house), listen to the band and find yourself immersed in the world of She Calls Me Firefly.

Special Offer:

$15 (reg. $18) – Ticket includes one free beverage*
plus live music before and after the show!

1- ONLINE: Visit Eventbrite and use code RedRising15
2- PHONE: Call 212.630.9945 and mention code RedRising15

*Each ticket comes with ONE SCMF Drink Coaster which you can exchange for ONE complimentary beer, wine, cider or soda. You must be over 21 to exchange for Alcoholic Beverage. Additional blackout dates may apply. Schedule and cast subject to change. Offer subject to availability. facility fee. Normal service charges apply to online and phone orders. No exchanges or refunds. All sales final. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid for prior purchases. Limit 10 tickets per order. Offer may be revoked at any time. ADULT CONTENT, admission for 16 years and up.

Ticket discount/ticket give-away for CLINTON: THE MUSICAL

A pair of tickets will be given away to one member of the NYCPlaywrights mailing list this Saturday, April 11 - details on how to claim the tickets will be in the weekly email blast. The tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can sign up for the mailing list here.

Details on getting the tickets at a special NYCPlaywrights discount rate are below.


New World Stages / Stage 4340 West 50th Street
An Unimpeachable Early Offer:
Get Tickets for $39!

Starring Kerry Butler (as Hillary Rodham Clinton), Tom Galantich (as WJ Clinton),  Duke Lafoon (as Billy Clinton) and Judy Gold (as Eleanor Roosevelt)

“Ribald and entertaining! Clinton The Musical is every bit as outrageous as you might think.”

- The National Review

It’s 1992. Scrunchies are in and mullets are out. “Baywatch” is a hit and Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is Bill Clinton. He’s optimistic, charismatic, and he’s bringing saxy back! Clinton the Musical is a sensational and satirical look at the 42nd President who upholds the ideals of Lady Liberty while simultaneously charming the pantsuit off her. With Hillary by his side, he’s bringing new life to the party- So cast your vote for the President of all political satires: Clinton the Musical!

Special Offer:
$39* (reg. $75-$95)
1- ONLINE: Visit and use code CTRED49
2- PHONE: Call 212-947-8844 and mention code CTRED49
3- IN PERSON: Print this discount or display this page from your device and bring to: New World Stages - 340 West 50th Street

Thespis Theater Festival 2015

web site

Best Play $3,500

Submission deadline: July 1, 2015

Submission Rules

How to Submit your work to the Thespis Festival
In order to submit a play please send the following via email:
1. A short synopsis of the play and the Production history
2. The complete script and character breakdown
3. Your telephone number and home address,
4. Your bio.
All genres of shows are welcome to submit to our festivals. Musicals need to attach at least 3 tracks with their submission
Shows that have already been staged can also participate as long as the run was
BEFORE 2014 and will participate with AN ENTIRELY NEW CAST AND CREW.

As soon as your play is accepted, you will be sent the festival guidelines.

After all plays have had their performance run, the best 6 plays will be selected by the Thespis jury as nominees for the $3,500 prize of Best Play. Those 6 shows will be given a fourth performance.
That will be seen by judges, who are theater professionals invited by the Thespis team. Along with the judges, you are encouraged to invite audience members to attend your fourth performance.

In Addition to the Best Pay there will also be several nominations:
Best actress ($500 prize) Best Actor ($500),
Best Director ($500), Best Singer $500, Best Original play $200 and

Winners will be announced during a special prize ceremony at the end of the festival to which the cast and crew of all nominated productions will be invited.

All winners leave the prize ceremonywith their check in hand.

There is no fee to submit your play to the Thespis Festival. Once you are accepted:

Productions will be asked to send in a $200 participation fee if their plays are accepted.

Plays from every part of the US are accepted.

This festival has no hidden costs. Again, there is no submission fee. Only those plays that are accepted will be required to send a participant payment. Submissions will be accepted until July 1, 2015.

Contact us at

All genres of shows are welcome in our festivals. If your show has already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) you can still participate, but only with a completely new cast and crew.


Non Union and AEA accepted

27th Annual JETFest

web site

$15 non-refundable submission fee.
This fee will be waived for members of the Dramatists Guild. 
How to join the Dramatists Guild

For those submitting digitally – the $15 fee cannot be waived, and may be mailed separately or processed by contacting the theatre.

Entry must be a full length original work or adaptation with a minimum running time of 85 minutes that has not been published prior to the festival in 2016. Cast size of 7 or less is preferred. Staged readings/workshop productions are not disqualifying factors.

Submissions will be accepted January 1 through June 30, 2015 (checked by postmark or time stamp).

Submit a blind copy of your script, securely bound, typed in standard play format, with pages numbered. Include a list of characters/descriptions, scene breakdown, and a brief synopsis of your play. Your script(s) should be accompanied by a cover letter, including playwright contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and resume. Musicals must include a demo CD. If applicable, also submit a photocopy of your Dramatists Guild membership card.

The acceptable electronic format is an Adobe PDF file.

Please note that entries that do not comply with our guidelines will not be accepted. If you would like your script returned, please include a SASE. Script evaluations will not be provided.

The playwright gives the Jewish Ensemble Theatre permission to photocopy scripts for reading/ production purposes. Should your script be selected as one of the 4 finalists, you are encouraged to attend the two readings and talkbacks.

The four finalists award the Jewish Ensemble Theatre the option to produce any of the finalist plays as part of its main stage season. Finalists must acknowledge the Jewish Ensemble Theatre if/when script is published.

Each of the four finalists will receive a $500 honorarium. No other expenses will be paid.

Each entry is guaranteed a minimum of 2 evaluations. The committee narrows down the entries to 15 – 20, which are then read by the entire committee who selects the 4 finalists.

Finalists will be notified no later than December, 2015.

Mail: Jewish Ensemble Theatre
Jet Fest
6600 West Maple Rd.,
West Bloomfield, MI 48322.


Christopher Bremer, Executive Director

The Playwright/Submitter agrees (by submission) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, its Adjudicators, Board of Directors and volunteers from any and all damages, liability, and claims, arising from the submission, production or elimination/disqualification of their submitted work.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Open Bar Theatricals fellowship

web site

Providing emerging artists with space, technical, and financial support in which to fine tune new works and artistic ventures Three artists will be selected for this upcoming season receiving

  • Access to rehearsal/work space for one month 
  • An open reading following the one month process  
  • Artistic guidance and feedback One project per month from May, June and July 2015 From the 3 readings, one will be chosen to produce a fully staged workshop 
  • 5 week rehearsal period 
  • Pending equipment/tools/props will be provided 
  • Rehearsal starting August 2015 To submit please attach a resume, a sample of the proposed work and one page cover letter outlining the following: 

-Contact Info
-Description of proposed project
-Artistic goals for this project
-Has this work been published/performed before ?
-Space/requirement/budget needs -Scheduling conflicts/preferences 

*Please note that the fellowship is not limited to just playwrights but is open to creators in all performance-based art forms. Send all submissions to (Subject: Fellowship 2015)

Submission deadline – April 20th, 2015

9Thirty Theatre Company submission guidelines

web site

9Thirty Theatre Company (9TTC) accepts submissions from March to May each season. Please note that due to our small staff we are unable to respond to submissions that are not accepted. Please adhere to the guidelines below. Send submissions in either a .doc or .pdf format to In respect of our commitment to the environment please do not mail submissions to our office.


9TTC produces works that incorporate environmental issues as part of the part, characters, or theme. We are uniquely dedicated to Eco Theatre, connecting humanity and nature, in various forms.

We accept original one acts, and full length plays and musicals.

We do not accept one-person shows, children's shows, screenplays, or works without environmental themes. 9Thirty Theatre Company also does not produce works that have already been produced in New York City.

To have your work considered, please submit the following as one file:
• cover letter, including your contact information
• brief synopsis of piece (500 words or less)
• character descriptions
• 20 page dialogue sample
• brief production history of the work (if applicable)
• bio for yourself and any other collaborators
• if submitting a musical, please include at least 3 recorded demo tracks

To be considered for 9TTC's all submissions must be received by midnight on May 31st.

For Visual Artists

We are accepting pieces for display in our lobby at performances, from visual artists of all mediums whose work is in concert with our mission. This may include art made from found objects, sustainable materials, non-toxic and eco-friendly products, etc.

About Project Proposals

Please include the project name, history and plan of action, project description (please include what your work is exploring or a synopsis), and any research you have done.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Door is a Jar seeks submissions for fall issue

web site

Door is a Jar is looking for well-crafted poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama and artwork for the first issue of its bi-annual online publication. 

Please read over the submission guidelines carefully before submitting any work. Each writer or artist can submit to multiple categories; however, only submit once to each category per submission period. The submission period for the fall issue opens March 15, 2015 and will close July 1, 2015. 

We only accept new work that hasn't been previously published. 

mail your submissions to with the category you are submitting to and your last name in the subject line. 

Within the email please include your full name, contact info, and a fun 5-sentence bio. 

We accept simultaneous submissions; however, please notify us immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. We reserve first initial publishing rights and then all rights revert back to the author.

Drama: Following the Standard American Format, submit up to 2 short plays as a Word or Pages document. Each play should not exceed two pages in length.

Mixed Blood submission guidelines

web site

Mixed Blood welcomes submissions of contemporary plays that pursue and realize the company’s mission and aesthetic. Mixed Blood uses theatre to address pluralism, usually manifest in race, culture, language, disability, gender, nationality, affectional orientation, and political worldview. Predictably unpredictable, the theatre particularly invites polyglot plays, scripts from the global stage, and work that advances the art form. 

We prefer e-submissions. If you think you play might be a good fit for us, please send a query letter, your bio or resume, a brief synopsis, and a 10-page sample of your play to the Mixed Blood Literary Manager.

Fourth Annual Playwrights CageMatch

web site

The Douglas Morrisson Theatre in Hayward is accepting submissions for its Fourth Annual Playwrights CageMatch. Our CageMatch is a chance for playwrights to show their stuff in an audience-decided live competition.

Five Playwrights enter but only one will emerge victorious. Grand prize for the chosen script.

We are seeking brief scenes (5-20 minutes) which conform to the limitations of the competition. DMT staff will select the top five submissions. Each of the final scripts will get one rehearsal with the same director and company of actors. On June 15, 2015, the five scenes will be performed at a live staged reading event at the Douglas Morrisson Theatre. The audience will vote by token to determine the winner!

Our theme this year is: ON THE BOARDWALK. The setting is a carnival or amusement park with a boardwalk in any beach-town. Time period is not restricted. Please limit your scenes to no more than four characters. We’re looking for creative and elegant back-stories that incorporate the setting into the scenes. Tone, theme or genre is up to you! Atlantic City, Coney Island, Venice Beach or somewhere else on the planet … or beyond? Anything can happen at the carnival.

Admission to the performance is free, but a token to vote for the winner is $5.

Deadline for CageMatch submissions sent via e-mail is May 15, 2015; post-mark deadline, if mailed, is May 10, 2015.

Submissions can be e-mailed in *.doc or *.pdf to or mailed to:

Douglas Morrisson Theatre ATTN: Susan E. Evans c/o H.A.R.D., 1099 E St., Hayward, CA 94541

Friday, April 3, 2015

5th Annual Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam

web site

Things to know before you register:

If you sign up, show up!

The event takes place rain or shine.
Your Sonnet

Sonnet #s are assigned randomly and you will be given your # within a few days of registration.
Memorizing your sonnet is not mandatory but if you'd like to do that, feel free.
There will be paper copies of the sonnets at the event in case you need it but you can certainly bring your own printout or book.
Video and Release
Since we are videotaping the event, all Readers will need to agree to the release form. Details to follow.
Check in
Please be there on Friday 24th April Noon to sign in. Slam starts promptly at 1pm.
Once you check in with a Sonnet Helper, you will be given a Name tag with your Sonnet #.
After the check in, you can leave the area, just make sure you return at least 15 minutes before your Sonnet # to get in the lineup.
Please wear your name tag so you can meet other Sonneteers who are near you in the lineup.
Mic Protocol
One mic stand will be shorter and one mic will be taller - PLEASE go to the mic that fits your height. 
Do not try to adjust the mic height.
Do not yell into the mic - you are amplified, everyone will hear you. Just stand a few inches from the mic and speak normally.
Ten Readers at a time will be on deck in the back of the bandshell (there will be chairs) so please be aware who is reading before you so there is no dead air between Readers.
At the mic: ONLY Say your NAME, Sonnet #, speak your Sonnet then exit - it is a SLAM so please no pitching, no promoting - just you & your Sonnet.
Dress Code
Wear whatever you want! Fancy, funky, Casual or Elizabethan are all welcome.

Undiscovered Countries call for submissions

Undiscovered Countries is an ongoing festival of new and developing live art, performing every other month, and we're looking for submissions for our May show!  

Undiscovered Countries has now presented 27 consecutive monthly or bimonthly showings at various New York bar venues, including Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn Fireproof, and Quinn’s NYC.  Over eighty emerging artists have worked with Undiscovered Countries to produce their in-development works, which have gone on to productions at Dixon Place, Tom Noonan’s Paradise Factory, and the PIT. 

- Submissions should be no longer than 20 minutes of running time. 
- We're accepting any live medium-- short plays, solo work, music acts, movement pieces, or any other live performative work you can dream up.
- Proposals should include run time, number of expected performers, and a working script or description of what you plan to do onstage
- Submissions are due April 4 to

April SPL: 10 minute plays

web site

April SPL: Send us your scripts! Production Dates: April 25 - 26. Cash Prizes!

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the April Short Play Lab. Not only do you rub shoulders with your fellow short-play playwrights, but you get to showcase your work to people you don't know yet. Our Labs are always well-attended, and they can lead to other festivals and events that we produce, such as the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival and the Midtown International Theatre Festival (visit our website: for submission opportunities and requirements). The rules for submitting to April's Short Play Lab are easy-peasy:
  • Deadline is April 11. Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto! 
  • Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (only means of contact is by email). 
  • Submit scripts in a MS Word document or PDF file. 
  • You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre. This Lab will take place at Roy Arias Studios, 300 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10018. 
  • Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.) 
  • Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight. 
  • We provide a board op, box office, and venue management. 
  • There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door. 
  • Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps. 
  • There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Saturday, April 25. The production dates are Saturday, April 25 - Sunday, April 26. 
  • Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Sat. and 1 on Sun. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7 pm Sat. and 4 pm Sun. Program B takes place at 9 pm Sat. and 2 pm Sun. 
  • We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up. 
  • THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. We reserve the right to break ties. 

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions.

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in a Word document or PDF file, to Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!


John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab